Mobile Malicious Applications Protection by X-Enterprise

Mobile Malicious Applications Protection by X-Enterprise

Mobile Malicious Applications X-Enterprise

Malicious mobile applications on Google Play and other Android application providers remains a present problem for Smartphone users.


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Most of the Mobile application providers have implemented certain regulations to mitigate the ruckus of mobile malicious or high-risk applications, we are noticing that these applications are being peddled on popular third party providers. Some of these Mobile Applications were downloaded over 100.000 times.

Users have pop-up ads, and got their personal information stolen, or they can be charged for services without their consents. Fake applications that can steal your data, sign you up for very expensive services and damage your phone.


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Unfortunately, Mobile malicious applications will often create fake versions of very popular applications on your Android provider.
It is a trick for mobile users to download fake mobile applications. When you install it on your tablet or mobile, those applications can extract or harm sensitive information in your software, personal data and payment details. Some fake applications sign the users up for text services, which can end up costing you a lot of time and money.

So mobile malicious applications are very dangerous for your mobile software and it can cost you lots of money. Mobile and Tablet users have to be alert for what they are downloading and for which applications they give the trust to get in their phone.

X-Enterprise is build with protection. We do not only deliver encrypted X-Devices but our smart phones are built to withstand any attacks from the outside.

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