March 11, 2016

Mobile waterproof X-Tel 3000

Rugged Mobile Phone The X-Tel 3000 is a Rugged Mobile phone that is waterproof and equipped with DUAL-SIM option, this outdoor phone is built for the most extreme conditions. The X-Tel 3000 has a retro style with a T9 keyboard that is working for a powerful low energy consumption nucleus software platform. With his ergonomic design it fits perfectly in your hand even when you were gloves, it is a perfect phone for your workplace and rough environments. Get your X-Tel 3000 today >> This waterproof mobile phone is specially built for calling and other applications such as WhatsApp, Web browser …

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Mobile Malicious Applications Protection by X-Enterprise

Mobile Malicious Applications X-Enterprise Malicious mobile applications on Google Play and other Android application providers remains a present problem for Smartphone users.     Most of the Mobile application providers have implemented certain regulations to mitigate the ruckus of mobile malicious or high-risk applications, we are noticing that these applications are being peddled on popular third party providers. Some of these Mobile Applications were downloaded over 100.000 times. Users have pop-up ads, and got their personal information stolen, or they can be charged for services without their consents. Fake applications that can steal your data, sign you up for very …

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Rugged Smartphone X-Tel 7500

Rugged Smartphone  X-Systems present Rugged Smartphones that are extra-tough Smartphones with an Android-based and improved security software system. If we take a regular Smartphone and drop it on the ground there is a very big chance the device gets damaged. It might bend, crack or totally stop working if the components are damaged as well. X-Systems builds strong devices which withstand extreme conditions and rough handling a true Rugged Smartphone is much tougher than a non-Rugged Device. Rugged & Waterproof smartphone Our Rugged Smartphones are not only Tough and Waterproof but at the same time they are  ‘smart’. Why, because …

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Secure Mobile Phone by X-Enterprise

“Secure Mobile Phone from X-Enterprise “ X-TREME PROTECTION AND USABILITY The world’s first Smartphone built from the ground up to keep Smartphone clients information anonymous and secured! Designed to be private, and now more powerful, flexible than any other encrypted secure mobile phone. MULTIPLE PHONES IN ONE With 2 compartments build in the phone Android-platform and X-Crypt-platform enables the clients work and personal lives to co-exist on one multi-secured 256-bit AES encrypted Smartphone. This makes you switch easily between the Android-platform while your phone is still secured. PRIVACY WITHOUTH COMPROMISE Usability you expect without the leaky data, vulnerability to man-in-the-middle-attacks, …

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Secure call by X-Communication

– X-COMMUNICATION IS A PRIVATE & ZERO-KNOWLEDGE SECURE MESSENGER – SECURE COMMUNICATION X-Communication secure is a communication application, which operates standard via X-Enterprise’s private cloud-servers in Switzerland. We provide ultimate privacy for X-Communication’s customers. It is also possible to operate on a,- by X-Customization installed –, private by customer owned server providing secure intranet and/or internet communication which will be fully private and manageable by customer on request. X-Communication offers a pre-installed ready to use secure messaging client Secure Mobile VoIP. “zero-knowledge” and “zero-storage” end-to-end mobile secure communication application available for text messages, data & file transfers and VoIP talks …

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