X-Enterprise. Maximum security, modularity, privacy and productivity in well trused mobile devices. With X-Enterprise privacy and data security is the main priority enabling users to keep control over private-life and enterprise data. X-Enterprise is developed upon layers of trust architected from the device’s hardware roots.
X-Enterprise offers security features and applications with each separate 256-bit (AES) encryptions and symmetric keys. Up to three layers of security to operate each of the X-Enterprise secure applications. Yet X-Enterprise goes further with X-Enterprise OS that gives users the possibility to use the same mobile device across private-life and enterprise environments.

X-Enterprise provides the following mobile security devices;

• X-Enterprise ready-to-go smartphones; X-Enterprise 9900 and X-Enterprise 9000
• X-Enterprise customized tablets; X-Enterprise Tab 7500 and X-Enterprise Tab 9000

X-Enterprise created for maximum enterprise productivity and security

X-Enterprise provides the following software applications for ultimate privacy, security and flexibility to match enterprise requirements and environments:

X-Enterprise OS

X-Enterprise OS is a secure and enhanced Android-based operating system that enables users to switch between its enhanced Android interface and ultra-secure (encrypted) X-Crypt partition. Basically X-Enterprise is a combination of a personal-life enhanced Android interface + a practice ultra-secure X-Crypt compartment for enterprises.
X-Crypt is the ultra-secure and encrypted partition inside X-Enterprise OS. Within X-Crypt all X-Enterprise secure applications are located, with a device management feature which disables all standard Android application once opened X-Crypt.
Standard mobile devices are not designed from inception to provide security on the highest level. X-Enterprise OS is developed to match security with flexibility to use the same mobile device across a range of operations for usability in private-life and enterprise environments.

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Ultra Secure Mobile Security Operating System – X-Enterprise OS


X-Enterprise OS – most flexible and productive solution for mobile security


X-Communication is an ultra-secure communication application built upon layers of trust from 256-bit (AES) encryption in combination with private held symmetric keys. Going a step further than Open PGP, X-Communications is developed on the architecture of OTR with an exclusive encryption method, protecting your privacy by X-Communications “zero-knowledge” protocols and private secure XMPP servers.

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and separate functionalities “Secure Mobile Messaging” & “Secure Mobile VoIp


X-Communications, maximum private and secure communication


X-Storage is an ultra-secure 256-bit (AES) encrypted storage application available on X-Enterprise mobile device’s and cross-platform (Windows + Linux desktop computers and laptops) for maximum productivity and security of data and files. X-Storage comes with functionalities as double-encryptions of files, import & export encrypted files, sharing encrypted files, and many more. X-Storage is the ultimate “for your eyes only” storage application developed for ultimate modularity and integration within any enterprise.

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additional cross-platform application for desktop computers and laptops “X-Storage PC+ (PC Storage)


X-Storage Mobile & PC+ = 10x safer than cloud storage


X-Device is the ultimate privacy and smartphone security application which is embedded within X-Enterprise OS. With X-Device users can turn off modules from the device’s hardware roots. X-Device makes it possible to unload modules within the operating system of a mobile device to provide unmatched security and privacy. X-Device has the functionality to disable / enable specific functions such as front camera, rear camera, microphone and GPS signals module for ultimate security and privacy.

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X-Device, mobile device’s ultimate security and privacy management


X-Device = Flexibility + Security + Privacy


X-World Secure Mobile VPN service provides users with end-to-end secure and encrypted VPN connections throughout the globe. X-World replaces a mobile device’s (online) IP address with one that isn’t tied to a physical location. With X-World users are able to use secure wireless (internet and intranet) connections. Third-party security specialists or hackers may track your browsing activity by monitoring third-party communication providers such as WiFi hotspots, cellular networks, internet service providers and other private networks. With X-World global VPN services users are able to bypass restrictive networks and sensorships for ultimate privacy.

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X-Device, mobile device’s ultimate security and privacy management


X-World VPN Connections, protecting online privacy


X-WiFi is designed with security and privacy in mind to ensure our customers can use their X-Enterprise mobile device’s at any public area that provides wireless WiFi connections. X-WiFi is an additional protection for users wireless connections, protecting against attackers which may spoof MAC address to perform a Man-In-The-Middle Attack. X-WiFi is the solutions of maximum security and privacy via wireless connections.

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X-Wifi will be soon available within X-Enterprise OS


X-Wifi prevent network vulnerabilities using WiFi connections


• More information, download X-Enterprise datasheet

• Research by European Union about Mobile Security