Armed Forces Encrypted Video Conferencing

Armed Forces Encrypted



Armed Forces Encrypted Video Conferencing


Our Platform offers a fully government-certified Firewall and Virtual Private Network self-hosted (on-premise, private cloud) infrastructure, suitable for all highly sensitive federal internal and private communications. Make sure that all military and defense participants are aware of the content of the meeting, exercise or training and start time. This means that all military and defense participants have received an online invitation and are provided with the correct documents, training or exercise information.

Remote military & defense Cooperation


Let military, military-aid workers, officers, authorities and (external) military/defense advisers come into contact with each other safely on a truly secure encrypted video calling and video conferencing platform. All thanks to the government-certified firewall and VPN connection.

Military and Military Responder Training


Military and Military/Defense First responders need access to current, high-quality training opportunities at all times and certification levels in an environment that promotes leadership development and peer mentoring. Encrypted Video Conferencing has the power to deliver interactive training programs during non-shift work without officers and military leaving their base.


Roles and User Management


Provides comprehensive roles and user management, giving users access to predefined sections where users can communicate encrypted and securely with multi-tier administrator, organizer and user rights.

On-Premise Platform


Our encrypted military & defense encrypted video conferencing Platform is a highly secure and encrypted video chat platform for military & defense purposes and executives available as a self-hosted (on-premise, or as private cloud) infrastructure that combines high-quality and military & defense security.



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  • Date : June 22, 2020
  • Tags : Secure Video Conferencing & Calling