” Business & Personal – By X-Enterprise “

” Business & Personal – By X-Enterprise “


Encrypted smartphone

Until now, with 50+ years of innovation and experience X-Systems brings you the most multi-secured phone that is usable for business and personal.

Business & Personal
With mobile devices increasingly becoming critical enterprise productivity tools, sensitive company data has moved beyond the traditional security perimeter. And is now being saved en transfered online.  As a result, empowering mobile productivity can often conflict with the need to secure this sensitive data.

X-Enterprise offers online secured storage, X-Mail secured encrypted mailserver, X-Wi-Fi,and X-Communications installed ready to use 256bit-encrypted messaging with VoIP function.

B2B and B2C
If you are very scheduled and running around managing all day, carrying two phones is NOT an option. X-Enterprise brings you a Smartphone which is fully secure and still offers the users experience which you would expect from a Smartphone. That is usable in B2B as well as B2C.
Our 256-bit encrypted Smart phones are the ultimate solution for your enterprises safety and privacy.

X-Crypt is developed so be used in an enterprise environment. With the usability on an Android platform.
X-Crypt is an highly multi-256bit AES secured platform designed for ultra protective exchange of messages, data, files, pictures and calls.

dual sim encrypted smartphone

Through embedded hardware security features, software policy configurations and physical modularity, X-Enterprise gives other enterprises a trusted, more flexible and productive secured solution

X-Systems phones are ease of use running on X-OS an software developed by our team with an 256-bit AES Encryption.
With the functionality of dual-sim even your work and private number are in one hand.