Mobile waterproof X-Tel 3000

Rugged Mobile Phone The X-Tel 3000 is a Rugged Mobile phone that is waterproof and equipped with DUAL-SIM option, this outdoor phone is built for the most extreme conditions. The X-Tel 3000 has a retro style with a T9 keyboard that is working for a powerful low energy consumption nucleus software platform. With his ergonomic design it fits perfectly in your hand even when you were gloves, it is a perfect phone for your workplace and rough environments. Get your X-Tel 3000 today >> This waterproof mobile phone is specially built for calling and other applications such as WhatsApp, Web browser …

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Mobile (security) data & Healthcare

“ Mobile(security) data & Healthcare “ By X-Enterprise We all know by now that our devices are not protected as good as we first thought. This means we are vulnerable to information breaches. By 2013 there were 1 billion smart phones sold. Hospitals, doctors, surgeons use these phones and tablets too. They all contain information about your health and wellbeing. Mobile security and data for healthcare Mobile security for hospitals, doctors and surgeons. As personal data becomes more vulnerable it is important that every data storage solution, even on a mobile device becomes more important. X-Enterprise built a smartphone which …

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X-Tel 9900 by X-Enterprise @ WORLD MOBILE CONGRESS

X-TREME ENCRYPTED SMARTPHONE: Secure messaging from end-to-end. Recent studies show that 70% of business owners are concerned about sensitive information being leaked and fall into the wrong hands. These concerns are not unfounded because there can be a significant financial impact from data such as customer lists, engineering information and financial statements. Economic loss is a serious potential consequence of data leakage.   The X-Enterprise 9900 with its elegant and inconspicuous design provides the safest possible way of communication available. Whether you’re looking for secure calls or safe data transfer and storage, this is the phone you should get excited …

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Power consumption

    Longer-lasting: Experience the freedom of a rugged outdoor smartphone with the power to keep up with your lifestyle and work. The X-Tel 9000 massive 3600mAh battery and innovative power-saving technology allow you to stay connected for longer, whatever you decide to do. So if you’re planning to get a long weekend away with friends, or start a long business video-call session, the X-Tel 9000 will give you more time to keep yourself and others entertained. The X-Tel 9000 has a special smart-power saving technology, which can save up to 30% of your smartphone’s battery life. You can get …

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All weather safe shock proof road way navigation

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