IoT Mobility

X-Systems provides tools to address all aspects of smart Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) by deploying the right combination of software, products and services.
Due to years of experience in both in developing well-thought-out software as manufacturing durable hardware, we create the best techniques and terminals to protect all your companies and employers communication and documentation.
IoT Mobility includes more then just Secure terminals and comprehensive Mobile Management tools, it also includes desktop virtualization, which categorizes it to IoT.
Our solutions measure up to the most stringent security and safety requirements.


Secure Mobile IoT Solutions

X-Systems offers solution-oriented electronic security management systems for information, access control, video surveillance and telecommunications. Due to 10 years of experience in mobile IoT development we managed to create the right combination of products and services enabling our customers to conduct smart Enterprise Mobility Management. Keeping security and safety always in mind.
X-Systems distinguishes itself through its large innovative capacity and develops both the software and hardware in-house in offices based in the Netherlands. This allows for inclusion of the customers specific wishes in any mobile security solution.




Secure Mobile IoT Development

X-Systems can be characterised by a hands-on mentality, committed employees and has more than 10 years worth of experience in the field of developing well-thought-out BYOD (bring your own device) software and manufacturing durable high-end hardware terminals. Our services will continue to deliver viable, sustainable, cost-effective and secure mobile solutions by using functional and user-friendly features.
Our consultants have experience in advising clients about mobile security in various industries such as healthcare, offshore and governments. Based on a productive working environment and structured and transparent client approach, we provide tailor-made advice.



X-Systems terminals have already been tested 100.000 times before you even take it out of the box.

Touch Display test

Touch Button test

Impact test

Compression test



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