Secure Defense Video Conferencing & Calling


Secure Defense Video Conferencing & Calling Platform

Secure Video Chat Messaging for the Defense & Military


Providing audio video chat messenger for persistent situational awareness in the defense sector. Communicating securely is vital for defense staff members and the military in the field. Compatible with tactical Android, iOS and Windows devices; military smartphones and robust laptops to communicate anywhere, and in all environments.

Private & Secure Communication


For closed organizational communications XECURE is a COTS / MOTS solution providing a Mil-Grade up to NATO certified Firewall and Virtual Private Network self-hosted (on-premise, private cloud) infrastructure. For tactical forces a tailor-made solution can be ordered, customized to the specific needs of these heroes.

XECURE ensures all secure communications are protected against eavesdropping. Operational on open and private 4G networks, private (SDR) radio networks, wireless LAN networks, providing defense chat messenger, voice, video and data communication for persistent situational awareness.


Securing Critical Communication


Securing critical communication using its Mil-Grade up to NATO certified Firewall and VPN (Virtual Private Network) infrastructure for internal sensitive defense related communications: chat messaging, voice, video and data communication.

One on One & Collaborations


Whether the users are using XECURE as a one on one communication service. Or communicate with the entire platoon. All parties can communicate entirely securely thanks to a private NATO certified infrastructure.

Increase Situational Awareness


Increase situational awareness by connecting tactical forces with each other. Providing high secure chat messaging; one-on-one and group chat, delivering audio & video communication, meeting, conferencing and broadcasting, in the open, hybrid or private Mil-Grade up to NATO certified infrastructure.

Defense Video Chat Messenger


Defense staff members can participate in a private chat or video chat. Remotely join digital audio and video meetings, conferences and broadcasts. Supporting video rooms up to 32 participants and interactive broadcasts up to 100.000 viewers.

Roles and user management


Providing extended roles and user management, allowing users to get access to predefined units, sections, divisions and departments where users can communicate securely with each other, delivering multi-layered admin, organizer and user privileges.

Multi-factor authentication


Experience multi-factor authentication and multi-attributes authentication during registration, login and usage of the infrastructure, delivering multi-layered security and privacy by design and by default.



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  • Date : June 4, 2020
  • Tags : Secure Video Conferencing & Calling