Education :
Engage with students in a smart education environment. Students require pratical user-friendly, extremely durable and reliable electronic terminals to move freely in their learning atmosphere. X-Systems offers a wide range of educational products and services, whether its terminals for specialised educational work or internal secure data software solutions. Currently X-Systems terminals are deployed for various tasks such as; student identification verification, data collection, laboratorium communication, secure student records collection, security, situational analysis, emergency communications and operations and logistics.

X-Systems terminals are designed for education, it enables students and teachers to work more efficiently. Discover limitless possibilities on the go for educational organisations. Demonstrating our commitment to engaging students in a new learning experience, the terminals allow teachers and students to connect, communicate and collaborate while securing peace of mind for school administrators.

Educational solutions :
Flexible education; the X-Systems terminals and services are the solution for your school or educational organisation. Ultra-fast, reliable and encrypted mobile connectivity enables students and teachers to work smarter in the classroom at a fraction of the cost in a secure manner. With these terminals and services you’re able to engage students and teachers whenever, wherever and in any situation.

X-Cam 2000 Educational

Protect your students against unexpected situations, with the X-Systems critical communication utilities. X-Cam 2000 recods every situation even before filimg, it holds a 60 seconds chache memory so video evidence is never lost. The X-Cam 2000 support various functions such as student ID verfication, PTT portofoon (Supports Tetra), high defination recording, nightvision and wifi-connectable (optional 4G live-streaming). Captured files are stored encrypted, so no access without the right phrase.
• 2.0″ INCH
• 32GB SSD
• 1080p 22MP
• WiFI (Optional 4G)
• IP67/IPX7
• File encryption
• Infrared night vision
• PTT Portofoon function


X-Tab 9000 Educational

Give students the freedom to explore a smart education environment, with a X-Systems ruggedized education terminal. The X-Tab 9000 is a powerful terminal with high-grade specifications such as; durable vibration proof components, expandable memory, high defination screen, tempered glass, rugged waterproof housing, precies GPS module, clear camera,fast wifi and cellular connection. It has overall a lower cost of ownership as the terminal was engineered with the intention to last for years.
• 7.0″ INCH
• 3G & WIFI
• IP67/IPX7
• Bluetooth 4.0
• 8.0 MP Camera
• 1.2GHz Quad-Core


Please contact our educational support department for further assistance.
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