Disable functions of X-Systems
X-Device is the ultimate privacy and phone security application, which is embedded within X-Enterprise OS. X-Device is able to modify the device’s hardware roots, enabling maximum security of data and privacy.
X-Device makes is possible to unload modules within the Operating System. So specific drivers will not be loaded or function to set your mobile device in a trusted state of ultimate security and privacy. With X-Device a user is able to disable / enable specific functions such as front camera, rear camera, microphone and GPS signals module.

X-Device, ultimate security and privacy

X-Systems disable functions in smartphones
Governments, enterprises and security communities demand trusted privacy to accomplish missions, negotiations, cooperations and operations. Despite the continuous innovations and technology, current devices are not designed from inception with the security and flexibility needs to match governmental and enterprise environments, especially with the present communication surveillance and industrial espionage modernization.

Flexibility + Security + Privacy = X-DeviceX-Device, ultimate security and privacy

X-Device is located within the encrypted X-Crypt of X-Enterprise OS, from where users can enter a secure and encrypted partition. With X-Device each X-Enterprise device is protected against industrial espionage, intrusive communication surveillance, network spoofing attacks and surveillance attacks.
Don’t let your confidential governmental or enterprise data fall in the wrong hands. X-Device is the ultimate “network and information security and privacy” application.

X-Enterprise, for ultimate security & privacy

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X-Device • Protect your privacy by disabling smartphone modules

Front camera – Rear camera – Microphone – GPS signals