Oil, Gas and Power Utilities:
Evolve how you communicate with the grid. Communicate in a smart grid network that is secure, durable, responsive, and adaptive.In an energy work environment such as a mine,a factory, a gas- or oilfield it can be harmful and risky to use electronic devices as a tablet or a phone. But in these hazardous environments tasks requires electronic devices to run applications and to connect with other digital electronic equipment. The dangerous conditions are unsuitable for normal electronic devices.

Empower your grid with durable rugged devices and secure encrypted VPN communications. Our smart grid that’s built-in the X-Systems devices supports a secure encrypted connection to guarantee that critical traffic gets where it need to go and only the allocated person can read or communicate.
X-Systems rugged all-weather X-Tel phones and X-Tab tablets are powerful, durable and reliable to run complex energy sector applications. The durable Terra rugged housing and Hydra screen will withstand conditions like liquids, dust, heavy vibrations, strong shocks and extreme temperature fluctuations. Specifically designed for energy sector purposes that meet the requirements for sunlight readable displays, powerful performance specifications, reliability, durability and communications.

Respond to events in real time under any condition. Bring balance with our durable and sustainable solutions, so your network performance is optimised. X-Systems is cost-effective in daily operations while offering your employees a worry-free work condition. Monitor and control directly events and deploy your field workforce as circumstances change. The devices are reliabil under any circumstance. Deploy real-time applications with rugged durable devices under a encrypted connection, the essential of X-Systems utilities improve your efficiency, reliability and safety.


X-Systems Oil, Gas and Power Utilities solutions:
Flexible workplaces, smartphone phablets and tablets are the solution for your oil, gas or utilities organisation. X-Systems devices are packed with all the mission-critical features and in-field wireless connectivity your mobile workers require. Ruggedised devices are deployable in any situation or condition. Gain benefits from uncompromised technology experience, cost-effective in daily operation under any situation or condition.

X-Tel 9000 Utilities
• 5.0″ INCH
• 16GB SSD
• 4G & WIFI
• IP68/IPX8
• Bluetooth 4.0
• 1.2GHz Quad-Core


X-Tab 9000 Utilities
• 7.0″ INCH
• 3G & WIFI
• IP67/IPX7
• Bluetooth 4.0
• 1.2GHz Quad-Core


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Ideal for:
• Mine and oilfield tasks
• Hazardous conditions
• Extreme terrains
• ID verification
• Data collection
• Communications
• Cargo and inventory management
• Secure cloud data access
• Personnel and fleet tracking
• Scheduling
• Asset and facility management
• Inspections
• Insurance claims
• Service upgrades
• Operations and Logistics
• Security
• Analysis
• Ticketing and Documentation
• GIS and mapping
• Mobile reporting
• Remote information access: product, blueprints and logistic data