What Is Enterprise Mobility Management

EMM or Enterprise Mobility Management is the set of process, technology and people who are focused on managing wireless networks, mobile devices and other computing services within enterprises. Today’s working population will not only bring their (personal)tablet or smartphone to work, they’ll benefit from them in their tasks. Our products and services can jumpstart any companies mobile excellence strategy by combining four subjects in a different way;

The key to successful EMM

• Mobile Device Management (MDM)
• Mobile Information Management (MIM)
• Mobile Application Management (MAM)
• Personal privacy and corporate security.
X-Systems delivers a flexible, private and ready-to-go platform that will continue to work for you as your company will grow, develop and expand.


Meaning we will

• Simplify Management Tasks
• Reduce Costs
• Secure Data, Apps and Devices
• Optimise user-experience
• Increase flexibility
Gain complete control of app life-cycles and mobile X-Enterprise device for apps, both custom and traditional apps, you can reduce your costs and simplify the managing of different tasks. You can build your company faster with our product because you’ll be able to secure, develop, deploy and manage through support.
You can also secure all the X-Enterprise devices, apps and data, so there are no leaks or threats because of our security approach that protects every level. Users and apps won’t be able to leak enterprise data because you’ll always be protected.