Healthcare :
Collecting information, patience identification, viewing patience records can be of a very important issue for the ones who has to work with it. Internal communication is a powerful task that need to run simultaneously, secure and smooth to keep it efficiently. Healthcare workers operate in an time of pressure and demanding environment. They require durable and reliable electronic equipment to complete successful, efficiently and secure their daily operations. Hygienic responsibility is a must in the healthcare industry, as every equipment is sterilised so should be the mobile electronic equipment that’s exposed to certain fluids. Regular devices are unable to become sterilised but X-Systems rugged terminals, – that exist out of the right materials –, which can be sterilised.

X-Systems rugged healthcare terminals are built for any demanding environment requiring robust devices and healthcare software compatibility. These healthcare systems offer the durability and functionality you need to seamlessly go from the operation room to the patience accommodation, next into your office and all while staying secure and connected. These terminals have a rugged housing, scratch resistant screen and are able to operate in extreme temperature fluctuations. They make your mobile works more productive by increasing efficiency. With X-Systems you help to reduce data capture errors and improve real-time communication which will lead in better decision making and also in cost savings in other labor operations. They are specifically engineered for healthcare purposes that needs the requirements for powerful performance specifications, security, reliability, durability and mobility. Optionally the devices are able to be equipped with a secure VPN, – for data-in-transit protection –, and come standardly with on-device encryption. No matter the mission, X-Systems delivers.

Healthcare solutions :
Flexible workplaces; X-Systems terminals are the solution for your healthcare organisation. Stay connected thanks to the ultra-fast and reliable mobile connectivity. The terminals and services are the perfect addition in the healthcare industry that requires a large display, powerful performance and secure data protection, while being subjected to water, blood or sterilising liquids.
The X-Systems terminals are engineered to handle the most critical situations, while maintaining the highest security protocols and stay practical due to a user-friendly interface. Currently the terminals and services are deployed for tasks as; remote information access (medical, patient data and logistic data), Patient ID verification, Ticketing and Documentation, Hazardous healthcare conditions, Specialised healthcare work, Personnel and fleet tracking, Operations and logistics.

X-Tel 7500 Healthcare

• 5.0″ INCH
• 4G & WIFI
• IP68/IPX8
• Bluetooth 4.0
• 1.2GHz Quad-Core
• SOS-Panic button


X-Tab 9000 Healtcare

• 7.0″ INCH
• 3G & WIFI
• IP67/IPX7
• Bluetooth 4.0
• 8.0 MP Camera
• 1.2GHz Quad-Core


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