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Secure Video Chat Messaging for the Healthcare


Security and privacy is essential for the healthcare sector, especially secure and private communications. Guaranteed secure and private.


XECURE is a secure video chat messaging platform for the healthcare sector, whereby all communications are 256-bit multilayered end-to-end encrypted in both the open and private infrastructure. The private infrastructure uses a governmental-level of security for full secured chat messaging, 1-on-1 calling, audio and video conferencing.

Open infrastructure


  1. By using the open infrastructure healthcare specialists have fast and efficient personal contact with their patients, digitally. The privacy of the specialist and that of their patients is always guaranteed.

Private infrastructure


  1. By using the private infrastructure, healthcare specialists can communicate securely with other specialists and colleagues throughout a governmental certified Firewall and VPN (Virtual Private Network) infrastructure for internal sensitive communications.


Local and global services


No need for any travel, with XECURE specialists and patients using secure communication as an addition to a regular consultation. Users do not need to be a computer engineer, it is very easy and user friendly.  No installation required.

Share sensitive information


Share sensitive information using the encrypted full-screen screen sharing. The video chat messaging feature enables patients to message directly with specialists to share & discuss health issues, queries & diagnosis.

Agenda and user management


By using its department management, specialists can work and communicate with predefined users. Within the department the specialists, or their assistants can keep control of the agenda by easily creating appointments with their patients, including a waiting room function until the organizer or specialist allows the patient to enter the digital room.

Multi-factor authentication


Experience multi-factor authentication and multi-attributes authentication during registration, login and usage of the infrastructure, delivering multi-layered security and privacy by design and by default.



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  • Date : June 4, 2020
  • Tags : Secure Video Conferencing & Calling