Industrial and Construction:
Become a smart industrial company with efficiently in the digital era with X-Systems, ultra-rugged and encrypted telecommunication solutions. Our field-proven durable devices and encrypted VPN connection will simplify your mission-critical and day-to-day operations under any condition while maintaining a high security grade. Increase your network efficiency and improve safety or environmental risks. In an industrial work environment, – such as a construction site, factory or warehouse – , it can be harmful and risky to use electronic devices as a tablet or a phone. But in these dangerous environments,s data collection and logistic tasks require electronic devices to run applications and to connect with other digital electronic equipment.

X-Systems rugged all-weather X-Tel phones and X-Tab tablets are powerful, durable and reliable to run cooperate applications. The X-Systems exclusive durable rugged housing and sunlight readable screen will withstand conditions like water, dust, heavy vibrations, strong shocks and extreme temperature fluctuations. Specifical designed for industrial purposes that needs the requirements for reliability, durability and communications.
Optimise your project schedules and operations. With X-Systems you’re in control to identify, access, and transport goods faster even under the demands of engineering and pressure of the market challenges, and in hazardous or remote environments.
Minimise the risks associated with global operations through secure, reliable and suitable 24/7 real-time connectivity. Become secure productive and cost-effective in daily operations while offering your employees a worry-free living condition.
Ensure safety and security for people or the environment with your digital rugged communication devices.

X-Systems Industrial solutions
Flexible workplaces, smartphone phablets and tablets are the solution for your industrial or construction company. X-Systems devices have the style and usability of a consumer device with the toughness, power, reliability and longevity of a traditional rugged hand-held. Built under the requirements of industrial and construction works. The devices have reinforced frames, tough skins, watertight seals, hardened glass, soft corner bumpers and they are also glove compatible. They are engineered to meet the challenges found in the unpredictable surroundings of your workspace.

X-Tel 3000 Industrial
Featured image_X-Tel_3000_rugged_water_dust_drop_schock_vibration_proof_outdoor_smartphone_phone_01
• 2.0″ INCH
• 64MB SSD
• 2G & GPRS
• IP68/IPX8
• Bluetooth 2.0
• Text & MMS messenger


X-Tel 3500 Industrial
Featured image_X-Tel_3000_rugged_water_dust_drop_schock_vibration_proof_outdoor_smartphone_phone_01
• 3.0″ INCH
• 64MB SSD
• 3G & GPRS
• IP68/IPX8
• Bluetooth 2.0
• Text & MMS messenger


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Ideal for:
• Construction site work
• Hazardous conditions
• Extreme terrains
• ID verification
• Data collection
• Service upgrades
• Operations and Logistics
• Security
• Analysis
• Order-picking
• Ticketing and Documentation
• GIS and mapping
• Baggage applications
• Mobile reporting
• Communications
• Warehouse cargo and inventory management
• Product records
• Secure cloud data access
• Remote information access: product, blueprints and logistic data
• Personnel and fleet tracking
• Vehicle maintenance
• Scheduling
• Asset and facility management
• Inspections
• Insurance claims
• Delivery route optimisation