Secure Insurance Video Conferencing & Calling





Improving customer relationships and increasing re-sales using live video chat is the future. A face to face communication gives more trust than a salesperson on the phone. Especially when the platform is privacy-by-design and privacy-by-default and combining mil-grade with enterprise-grade cryptography to secure the platform.

Increase insurance prospects and the companies revenue by providing a secure audio and video chat platform. Reach higher sales, better customer relations with lower costs. No need for clients to install anything and the insurance company is in control over all the data at rest and in transfer.

Improve efficiency


Improve overall service quality, client satisfaction and ROI by providing face to face human interaction remotely. Let your sales team be a virtual assistant in the enterprise’s own corporate identity.


Personal communication

Increase after sales by personalizing a conversation, enabling rapid personal assistance in the event of a claim or re-sell other services upon request of the client with the right client needs.


Personalized customer experiences


Make use of state-of-the-art technology to be in contact with clients. Using chatbots to deliver 24/7 support, autoresponders never miss a lead and serve customers face-to-face using an audio video chat messenger available in browser and mobile.

Secure video chat messaging


Meet face to face with clients using the video chat messaging of XECURE. No one needs to be a computer engineer, it is very easy and user friendly. No installation required.

Share sensitive information


During a 1 on 1 encrypted communication the full-screen screen sharing option can be used to show and share personal up to sensitive information.

Multi-factor authentication


Experience multi-factor authentication and multi-attributes authentication during registration, login and usage of the infrastructure.,delivering multi-layered security and privacy by design and by default.



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  • Date : June 4, 2020
  • Tags : Secure Video Conferencing & Calling