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Secure Video Chat Messaging for lawyers & legal professionals


Confidentiality is vital for lawyers and legal professionals, especially during communication about legal cases. So also during digital communication. Our safe and secure communication platform delivers multi-layered security for all data at transit and at rest using governmental-grade and enterprise-grade cryptography. mitigating the risk of data theft.


The secure video chat messaging is designed in the Netherlands. GDPR in mind, privacy by design and by default. With XECURE all your sensitive communications are in control and protected against any eavesdropping, using governmental-certified techniques to protect the entire infrastructure, keeping your sensitive data private and secure.


Securely collaborate and communicate across a wide range of clients and colleagues using XECURE Secure Video Chat Messaging.


Open infrastructure


1. By using the open infrastructure, lawyers and legal professionals are securely in contact with their colleagues and clients remotely (using enterprise-encryption). The privacy of the lawyer and that of their client is always guaranteed.


Private infrastructure


2. By using the private infrastructure, lawyers and legal professionals can communicate mil-grade encrypted with other lawyers and legal professionals via a governmental certified Firewall and VPN (Virtual Private Network) infrastructure for internal sensitive communications.

Agenda management


To assist lawyers and legal professional assistants there is the possibility to control the agenda by easily creating meetings for their colleagues. In the event a previous meeting takes a bit longer, no problem, the client can wait in the digital waiting room.

Face to face, digitally


Meet face to face digitally with your clients. No need for any travel, with XECURE legal professionals and clients can securely communicate with each other. No one needs to be a computer engineer, the program is very easy and user friendly. No installation required.

Share sensitive information


Share sensitive information using the encrypted full-screen screen sharing. XECURE is configured with a reliable infrastructure that encrypts all the data transmitted between the client and legal professional to protect from unwanted access.

Multi-factor authentication


Experience multi-factor authentication and multi-attributes authentication during registration, login and usage of the infrastructure, delivering multi-layered security and privacy.



Would you like more information about our safe and secure Local Government Secure Video Conference Platform? Then contact our team for the possibilities for your company / organization.

  • Date : June 4, 2020
  • Tags : Secure Video Conferencing & Calling