Local Government Secure Video Conference

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Local Government Secure Video Conference


Securing important strategic and other sensitive communications is vital for local (government) authorities. Our safe and secure Local Government Secure Video Conference Platform provides a safe and sensitive communication system that is optimally protected against eavesdropping by third parties and hacking attempts.

Emergency measures in local matters


In natural or man-made emergency scenarios, an effective response can create order out of chaos and save lives. Response teams need smooth communication between agencies and the ability to make real-time situation assessments so they can mobilize services and restore communities to normal operations. Our platform can also prove its services extremely well.

On-Premise Local Government Secure Video Conference


Our Local Government Secure Video Conference is a highly secure video meeting and conference platform for local government / defense purposes and executives available as a self-hosted (on-premise, or as private cloud) infrastructure that combines high-quality and business security .

Certified infrastructuur Secure Video Conference


Our Platform offers a fully government-certified Firewall and Virtual Private Network self-hosted (on-premise, private cloud) infrastructure, suitable for all highly sensitive internal and private communications.


Agenda inside Secure Video Conference platform


Make sure that all participants are aware of the content of the meeting and start time. This means that all participants have received an online invitation and are provided with the correct documents or information.

Security & Privacy by design


Designed and developed in The Hague, City of Peace, Justice and Security, Netherlands, EU, utilizing security and privacy through design and standard architecture, significantly reducing the risk of data and identity theft while also providing next-level data encryption

Roles and User Management for the Secure Video Conference


Provides comprehensive roles and user management, giving users access to predefined sections where users can communicate securely with multi-tier administrator, organizer and user rights.

Multi-factor authentication


Our safe and secure Local Government Secure Video Conference Platform offers multi-factor authentication and multi-attribute authentication during registration, login and infrastructure use, ensuring multi-layered security and privacy thanks to our secure design as standard. Safety first



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  • Date : June 22, 2020
  • Tags : Secure Video Conferencing & Calling