Jet-ski & Boats:
With the ever-increasing presence of marine applications and mobile connectivity in our life’s, reliable electronic devices become an important factor during your nautical adventure. With X-Systems all-weather maritime GPS solutions, everything you need is at your fingertips. Track your belonging or navigate easily and accurate, equipped with highly sensitive GPS connectivity and pre-installed marine navigation software.

X-Systems™ rugged all-weather X-Map navigation, X-Tel phones and X-Tab tablets are powerful, durable and reliable to run any marine or nautical application. The X-Systems exclusive durable Terra™ rugged housing and Hydra™ sunlight readable screen will withstand conditions like water, dust, heavy vibrations, strong shocks and extreme temperature fluctuations. Specially designed for jet ski and boat purposes that meet the requirements for sunlight readable displays, powerful performance specifications, reliability, durability and mobility.


We offer:
• Nautical marine navigation systems
• Nautical marine waterproof phones
• Nautical marine waterproof tablets
• Nautical marine gps trackers
• Nautical marine SOS emergency devices
• Nautical marine mounts and holders
• Nautical marine accessories