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Military Training Live Video Streaming


Is your unit or team planning a cross-brigade or cross-domain training that includes sensitive information that should be protected against eavesdropping or manipulation? Training represents the strategy of a military force. A live video streaming tamper proof and eavesdropping proof solution is required.


XECURE provides a Mil Grade up to NATO-certified military training and police training live video streaming service. The certified firewall detects and reports the smallest manipulation. The platform can be accessible A) cross-brigade or B) cross-domain.



The Cross-Brigade is a private infrastructure that makes use of a Mil Grade up to NATO certified Firewall and a certified VPN (Virtual Private Network) infrastructure for internal sensitive live video streaming training and communication.



The Cross-Domain makes use of the Mil Grade up to NATO certified Firewall, without the VPN, being able to share the platform with other video streaming training and communication users.


Military school & academy


Be in control of all data and communications sent and received from the platform. Organize personal training one-on-one. Organize small training sessions with 10 attendees. Organize a training session to all students in the military academy or police academy.

Increase situational awareness


Whether the users are using XECURE as a one on one communication service. Or communicate with the entire platoon. All parties can communicate entirely securely thanks to a private NATO certified infrastructure.

Increase Situational Awareness


Increase situational awareness during a live video streaming training by connecting tactical forces with each other. Share experience, knowledge and research with each other, in the open, hybrid or private Mil Grade up to NATO certified infrastructure.

Military Video Chat Messenger


Trainees can stay in contact with each other and with the academy using the military video chat messenger, ensuring all communications are safe and stay private. The military video chat messenger is also compatible with the Mil Grade up to NATO certified Firewall and a certified VPN.

Roles and user management


Providing extended roles and user management, allowing users to get access to predefined units, sections, divisions and departments where users can communicate securely with each other, delivering multi-layered admin, organizer and user privileges.

Multi-factor authentication


Experience multi-factor authentication and multi-attributes authentication during registration, login and usage of the infrastructure, delivering multi-layered security and privacy by design and by default.



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  • Date : June 4, 2020
  • Tags : Secure Video Conferencing & Calling