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X-Enterprise OS (Operating System) is a secure and enhanced Android-based operating system for smartphones and tablets. Enabling your enterprise- and personal data to stay secure. X-Enterprise OS is embedded in the hardware of every X-Enterprise device with the foundation built upon layers of security protocols. X-Enterprise OS is designed with security and modularity in mind to ensure our customers can use the same X-Enterprise device across a range of missions and configurations.

X-Enterprise OS is the most flexible and productive solution for mobile security

Secured and Encrypted smartphones by X-Enterprise
X-Enterprise OS is a secure operating system with a separate encrypted partition. Which can be used as a common smartphone, via its enhanced Android interface where regular Android applications (via Google PlayStore) can be installed and operated.
The moment a user needs its privacy, it may open the encrypted partition named X-Crypt. Once opened, X-Crypt will disable all standard Android applications, and user will gain access to a secure compartment where X-Enterprise secure applications are located.
Which makes X-Enterprise a customizable secure operating system, which can be used for private and enterprise activities.

X-Enterprise OS for personal life and secure enterprise activities

Secured Android Operating System by X-Enterprise
X-Enterprise OS is improved to the needs of enterprises nowadays regarding mobile privacy and security without compromosing productivity.
X-Enterprise OS enhanced Android interface has an Android device management encryption to protect your daily personal life privacy.
X-Crypt within X-Enterprise OS is the separate ultra-secure partition, which has a 256-bit AES encryption security which gives users access to X-Enterprise secure applications.
As every application within X-Crypt (by X-Enterprise OS) has a separate 256-bit AES encryption (including specific security protocols), the X-Enterprise OS devices are highly secure. As each X-Enterprise OS comes with a (128-bit or 256-bit) device management encryption, than; X-Crypt providing another (256-bit AES or 512-bit) encryption, and last but not least each separate application with their own 256-bit AES encryption.

X-Enterprise OS – Security without the detriment of flexibility and productivity

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X-Enterprise OS • Security, privacy, anonymity, modularity and productivity