Mobile Application Management

Why You Need A Comprehensive Mobile Application Management Product?
Most applications can be found on smartphones and other devices. These apps have become an important part of end-users lives and the lives of everyone in the company. IT departments now have to go beyond traditional app distribution to meet the various requirements of companies, such as managing, security and productivity. At X-Systems, we understand the demands on everyone, including:
• More custom made apps
• Tools to build private apps
• Control and visibility to manage lifecycles
• Connectivity and access to resources necessary
Our Mobile Application Management (MAM) tool allows IT departments to secure, develop and manage all applications while continuing to protect privacy and adoption of new applications. Everyone benefits and all apps can be controlled, including:
• Purchased
• Public
• Internal
• Employee-owned
• Shared Devices
• Corporate-owned


The Four Steps

There are four steps that all IT departments have to consider, which include developing or sources, security, distribution and managing.
Our mobile application management product allows IT departments to have the flexibility required to support all types of apps. They can also get the apps to the end users quicker because they have the tools necessary to streamline their testing and distribution processes.
Security is a necessity if people are going to bring personal mobile devices for work-related needs. You not only have to protect your apps, but you also have to protect your network, their devices and everything else. Our product allows you to restrict and set policies so that everything works well and is safe.
Distribution means ensuring that the right app gets to the right person. Our product automatically pushes the right apps (based on your preferences and needs) to new users, and you can always manually push the apps when needed.Managing apps is necessary, and you’ll need advanced controls. Our mobile application management tool allows you to see versions, statuses, ratings, inventory and more, so contact us today.