Mobile Browser Management

How To Get A Protected Browser With Mobile Browsing Management?
Mobility in the workplace is common in the technological world we live in, but security is also an important factor for organizations. While mobility can provide customer experiences and more, security risks can increase. It is important to consider a Mobile Browsing Management solution.
At X-Systems, we know that employees can visit websites that aren’t deemed necessary, and while many companies have a policy restricting those visits to before-work and break times, it could still cause malware and viruses to be installed on your network. Therefore, you should ensure that browsers are secure with our new X-Enterprise product. You will get the ability to:
• Customize settings and policies
• Configure different settings to meet your needs
• Define policies and enforce them
• Take advantage of mobility without the risk



With our product, you have the ability to disable browsers and their applications, if you deem them unnecessary. That means end users can only use supported browsers to access the Internet. While most IT departments only install browsers that will be used, employees can find a way around that and download their preferred option. Instead, you’ll be able to block those downloads and keep your network secure. You can customize browsing to fit your business needs, including:
• Defining policies for browser history, printing, cookie acceptance and copy/paste features
• Whitelisting IP addresses
• Requiring a Terms of Use acceptance before accessing the internet


Different Settings

We understand that different departments will need different experiences, so you can set up customized settings that fit the needs of your employees and company. Administrators can easily define settings and make real-time adjustments when needed.