Features To Consider From Mobile Content Management Solutions

As mobility is now the preferred option in business, end users need to be able to access their devices at all times. This can include confidential documents, secure email and network applications, both secured and unsecured. Mobile content management can help IT department’s private company data without compromising the experience for the employee.
At X-Systems, we have provided a solution to your problems, because our product gives users a way to annotate, share and access documents, whether from email, cloud or on-premises areas. Administrators can set up rules and establish controls to keep those documents from being distributed outside the network, but employees can still use them. Employees will also be able to work on any mobile device they prefer, instead of being tied down to a laptop or desktop.
Our product can encrypt emails and other things that need to stay secured so that only authorized applications can be used to view them.


Features Of Our Mobile Content Management Solution

You’ll see many exciting features with our product, including:
• Managing of important documents
• End-user access to documents
• Secure access to cloud and on-premises subject matter from any storage area
• Secure emails and their attachments
• Push important items to devices automatically, such as media and documents
• Secure web browsing
• Administrative control of policies and subject matter
Other key features can include multi-channel delivery, access control, systems, location-based delivery and more. With multi-channel distribution, users can manage central repositories while delivering that information to devices that need it. Subject matter can be stored in various formats, including HTML, text, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel and Microsoft Word, among others. Administrators will also be able to control authentication, authorization and approval of subject matter and can restrict who can view or receive it. Please contact us today to learn more about mobile device management.