Why Container Management Is Necessary

If your employees want to bring in their own smart devices, such as smartphones and tablets, you have a problem. While it can make them more productive and ready to work, it also brings security threats. Many employees dislike the fact that personal devices are locked down and strictly controlled during the day, but that’s where mobile containment could be perfect.
At X-Systems, we believe the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) strategy is a good one and one that will be here for the long-term. Company-owned devices aren’t needed, which means the company can:
• Save time because they aren’t maintaining and managing all the computers
• Save money because they aren’t dealing with so much different hardware
Our container management program offers you the best of both worlds. Your IT department doesn’t have to focus so much on all the hardware but can concentrate outward on the software they want to use and the devices of the employees.


What You Get

With our container management software, you’ll get safety, control, a better user experience and higher productivity. Any app data used by the company will remain in the company’s control, but users won’t have to worry about their personal information being taken. Only data that is containerized can be shared, so there are restrictions in place to protect the company’s private information. Users (employees) will benefit from the mobile containment option, as well, because they can share information between the applications to solve more difficult problems. They’ll only be required to sign in once and will be able to use all the apps on their preferred X-Enterprise device.
They can be more productive with our mobile device management options because they’ll still get access to secure:
• Calendars
• Contacts
• Browsing
• Email
• Tasks
• File Sharing
• Instant Messengers