Staying Secure While On The Go With Mobile Email Management

If your employees have to work on the go, you will need to ensure they have the technology required to do their jobs perfect and correctly. This may mean that they have to access their emails while out the office. At X-Systems, we understand the difficulties this presents, such as:
• Secure access
• No data leakage
• Malware/virus problems
Because they need secure access, you should consider our Mobile Email Management program (MEM). This option will ensure security for the personal device and the corporate infrastructures. While every company has different requirements, we can make sure that your emails are safe and secure by offering flexible options for strategies


What You Get

With our mobile device management software, you’ll get so much. You can maximize the current infrastructure investment through our product because we support integration with all of the main options. You will also be able to control policies, including:
• Device encryption
• Blocking devices that have been compromised
• Revoke and deploy certificates
• Block devices that aren’t managed
Windows, Android and Apple devices can have secure access enabled so that end-user experiences are familiar and seamless. They won’t notice that anything is different, meaning they can still be productive and send messages as they normally would.
We understand that most people BYOD to work and may worry about their personal data. However, our product is a secure and containerized option that completely separates personal and enterprise data. None of their information will be accessed, and none of your data can be sent to others outside the company.
Whether you need something for people working in the field or using their own devices in the office, our mobile email management product can help secure your emails, so contact us today.