Take your Potential With Mobile X-Enterprise Gateway

Most companies need to have a secure and simple access to their business resources, which can include Windows File Share, SharePoint websites, intranet sites and more. However, many programs on the market want you to change the network, device VPN or firewall configurations, which can be difficult and time-consuming.
At X-Systems, we believe there is an easier way with our Mobile Enterprise Gateway product. You’ll be able to:
• Quickly set up, maintain, and configure our product to your needs
• Work on the go securely
• Change policies for containerization, encryption and authorization
• Do all of this and more without using more hardware or using inbound IP connections


What You Are Able To

Users will be able to view, access, and share all corporate content from Windows File Share and others with our Mobile X-Enterprise Gateway. It works great with both BYOD options and corporate devices so that everyone can collaborate anywhere and anytime.
You’ll also be able to unlock intranet and internal applications potential securely because you can use our secure browser to open knowledge bases, internal wikis and more. Your data will stay safe in a special encrypted container that prevents the leakage of important data.
Another great aspect of our product is that if devices become lost or stolen, you can wipe that particular device to remove everything or just the company’s information and apps. It also works well for previous employees, because you don’t have to require them to bring in their device so it can be wiped.


Features and Benefits

The features and benefits of our Mobile Enterprise Gateway product include:
• Access all corporate resources on any device safely and securely
• View/share content
• Retrieve/browse information from intranets
• Enforce authorization and authentication policies
• Configure various controls
• Use anywhere and anytime