Mobile (security) data & Healthcare

Mobile (security) data & Healthcare

“ Mobile(security) data & Healthcare “
By X-Enterprise

mobile healthcare security

We all know by now that our devices are not protected as good as we first thought. This means we are vulnerable to information breaches.
By 2013 there were 1 billion smart phones sold. Hospitals, doctors, surgeons use these phones and tablets too.

They all contain information about your health and wellbeing.

Mobile security and data for healthcare
Mobile security for hospitals, doctors and surgeons. As personal data becomes more vulnerable it is important that every data storage solution, even on a mobile device becomes more important. X-Enterprise built a smartphone which is fully secure and still offers the users experience which you would expect from a smartphone.

Mobile Security on X-Enterprise Secure Healthcare Smartphone
X-Enterprise offers a smartphone which has two compartments, one with a Android interface which healthcare specialists can use to communicate privately. And one secure compartment with a security interface where secure applications from X-Enterprise and healthcare partners are stored to avoid any troubles when a smartphone is compromised, lost or stolen.

The applications which X-Enterprise standard offers within its security compartment are; Secure Messaging, Secure VoIP, Secure Storage, Secure data encryption, Secure Mail and Secure Wi-Fi.

wifi security

 X-Enterprise Mobile Security Healthcare partnerships
On request, X-Enterprise may add healthcare applications which are requested by customer such as hospital cloud solutions, hospital Secure storage, hospital Secure data encryption, Hospital Secure Mail server, and hospital secure Wi-Fi.

X-Enterprise encryption
X-Cloud, X-Storage is an product that X-Enterprises developed to protect and secure your data. It is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption and our servers are setup in Switzerland.
So even X-Enterprise doesn’t see what the Hospital doesn’t want us to see.

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