Why you need Mobile Threat Management Software?

Companies have so many options now, with cloud services, bring-your-own-device options and others. All of these options can create a more productive, flexible and cost-effective way of working. However, security can be harder to control with all the mobility options companies have, so it is important to find a product you trust, which provides confidence and private protection.
At X-Systems, our Mobile Threat Management (MTM) software can help. It is a cloud-based solution to security threats and can scan the traffic going to and coming from the devices, protect against attacks and block inappropriate content. All of this can be achieved without affecting the performance of the device or your employees.


How Mobile Threat Management Works?

With our mobile device management product, you’ll eliminate the difficulties of installing and managing various security solutions onto your equipment, but you’ll also eliminate much of the costs bringing with. You’ll also get:
• Safety and security for all X-Enterprices, corporate and BYOD
• Real-time managing options that are proactive instead of reactive
• A reduced risk that sensitive information will be leaked
• Automated remediation of security risks
X-System’s Mobile Threat Management can efficiently detect applications that have a malware signature and prevent them from being uploaded or downloaded to the server. You will be able to generate customized rules to help automate remediation and will be able to set policy controls to take action when necessary.
If malware has been installed, our product can safely uninstall those applications without causing downtime for employees and servers. All of these options will be provided to you without any costs, making it a useful tool against dangerous malware and viruses. Your computers, networks, and personal X-Enterprise devices will continue to stay safe, allowing employees to work as they always do.
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