Mobile waterproof X-Tel 3000

Mobile waterproof X-Tel 3000

Rugged Mobile Phone
The X-Tel 3000 is a Rugged Mobile phone that is waterproof and equipped with DUAL-SIM option, this outdoor phone is built for the most extreme conditions. The X-Tel 3000 has a retro style with a T9 keyboard that is working for a powerful low energy consumption nucleus software platform. With his ergonomic design it fits perfectly in your hand even when you were gloves, it is a perfect phone for your workplace and rough environments.

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Outdoor smartphone X Tel 3000

This waterproof mobile phone is specially built for calling and other applications such as WhatsApp,

Web browser
Sending text messages and a tiny Web browser the X-Tel 3000 is not a smartphone but it can surf on the internet. The X-Tel 3000 is built for industrial and outdoor usage made to last a lot longer than other phones. We have made a phone that has a IP68 protection that is Shock-, Dust-, & waterproof Terra housing for any extreme critical condition.

This phone is the ultimate help if you are in search for an phone that easily switches between business & private lifestyle. If you work in a rough business or have private outdoor hobby this phone is made for you.


Waterproof smartphone X-Tel 3000

The X-Tel 3000 is a fully waterproof mobile phone. It has a robust design and ultra tough durability. This rugged waterproof X-Tel is equipped with Dual-SIM, LED flashlight, T9 keyboard (dial-buttons), camera with sunlight readable IPS and lots of other functionalities.


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