All-terrain vehicle & Side by Side:
With the ever-increasing presence of applications and mobile connectivity in our life’s, reliable electronic devices become an important factor during your motor & scooter route. With X-Systems tough rugged all-terrain vehicle and side by side GPS devices, you escape your limits in life. Make use of X-Systems latest highly sensitive all-weather GPS technology with all-terrain navigation features, route options and the possibility to plan individual routes (waypoints).

X-Systems™ rugged all-weather X-Map navigation, X-Tel phones and X-Tab tablets are powerful, durable and reliable to run any off-road navigation application. The X-Systems exclusive durable Terra™ rugged housing and Hydra™ sunlight readable screen will withstand conditions like water, dust, heavy vibrations, strong shocks and extreme temperature fluctuations. Specially designed for all-terrain vehicle and side by side purposes that meet the requirements for sunlight readable displays, powerful performance specifications, reliability, durability and mobility.


We offer:
• Off-road navigation systems
• Off-road rugged phones
• Off-road rugged tablets
• Off-road gps trackers
• Off-road mounts and holders
• Off-road accessories