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Encrypted Phone | Confidential


The Confidential version is the best off the shelf encrypted phone available of the X-Phone range. This encrypted phone comes with similar functions as Restricted, with extended “Secrecy features”.


Faraday Protection:
Designed for Special Forces, users can set a time to determine the ‘no connectivity’ of the phone. For instance set 12 hours, if the phone has no connectivity for 12 hours it will automatically securely wipe all user data on the phone.
Hidden Encrypted Partition:
Designed for journalists and traveling specialists hiding certain files and apps on the Secure OS. To avoid being noticed when an attacker wants to give you access to the phone.

Zero-Data Guarantee:
Providing an additional communication tool that operates encrypted Phone-to-Phone inside the VPN infrastructure. Direct from phone to phone, without use of storage servers. Delivering the best zero-data security communication available.
Best Sensivitive Data Protection:
Increasing the data at rest and in transfer to an even higher level of security to protect large enterprises that work with sensitive data. Optionally with additional on-premises hardware.

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  • Date : August 11, 2021
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