Emergency Communication Devices

Devices for Emergency Communications

In any emergency situation, the first systems to fail are wireless connections, electricity grids and fixed infrastructure. Especially during emergencies management an accurate pair of eyes and ears is vital.
Primarily during emergencies and potential crisis situations, communication is predominant. The more knowledge, data, evidence and information can be gathered, the easier and safer a situation can be managed.
View, listen and communicate what happens during a situation. Poor communication can be prevented.
During evacuations, emergencies, crisis situations, social disruption, terrorist threats or other circumstances. You are in a need of a reliable and efficient solution.


Real-Time Emergency Communication Devices

Required during Emergency Communications: Real-time and live Voice, Video, Sound, Photo and GPS Location.
See, hear and coordinate during any emergency. Enabling coordinators and leaders to make better and faster decisions by providing them with more data delivering instant and real-time two-way voice, Full-HD + night-vision video and location movements.

NVR 100 Emergency Communication Device

X-SURVEILLANCE NVR 100, the world’s first DEPLOYABLE EMERGENCY COMMUNICATION SYSTEM is the most advanced, scalable and efficient on-site command and control unit. The NVR 100 can be deployed anywhere at anytime without the use of existing infrastructures, which may fail during emergency situations.
The X-SURVEILLANCE NVR 100 deployable emergency communication system, will be delivered in combination with live full-HD & night-vision video streaming body worn cameras, with real-time sound, GPS location tracking, voice and two-way communication.


Deployable Emergency Communication Devices

Maximize your situational awareness during emergencies.
Enable coordinators to make better decisions by providing them with better data, directly from the (lone) worker(s) in the field. Track everyone’s positions and movements with integrated GPS.
See, hear and coordinate better and faster using Voice, Video, Sound, Photo and GPS Location simultaniously.

NVR 100 State-of-the-Art Communications

The safe and deployable emergency communication system can be deployed anywhere at anytime, delivering a live and real-time feed from the wearers with multi-functional body worn cameras and two-way communication.
Deployable within 5 minutes, using ethernet cable (MPU-5 compatible), Radio networking, 4G/3G SIM-Card connectivity and WiFi connections.
Allowing the body worn cameras to operate in a distance of a few meters up to 100 kilometers, including an always stable connection.





  • Date : January 11, 2018
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