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Introducing the X-Phone, a Restricted Encrypted Phone with security classification similar to NATO Restricted classification. Designed for enterprises who require high level mobile security, privacy and (mil-grade) encryption by default.

Available: Restricted & Confidential Restricted Phones.

The encrypted phone comes standard with multi-layered encrypted Secure OS, in-house hardened kernel and operating system. With in-house managed VPN Servers in Switzerland and other privacy-friendly countries. Including many built-in security features such as: remove encrypted conversations by typing in distress passwords, secure wipe all data during brute-force attempts, wireless network attack protection, and so on.

Encrypted Communications


Within the VPN infrastructure: encrypted communications.
Guaranteed Zero Access to Encrypted User Data.

► Anonymous accounts
► Encrypted Mail (PGP)
► Encrypted Messaging
► Encrypted File Sharing
► Encrypted Calling

Security+ Features


Additionally, the phone comes with Security+ subscription.
Eplained in detail below.
► Remote Emergency Wipe
► Phone Emergency Wipe
► Random Cryptography
► Disable Components
► Period OS Updates
► Global Connectivity

Phone Emergency Wipe:
Emergency button initiated secure wipe whereby data is replaced by useless data, then deleted. Ensuring no scientific traceability.
Remote Emergency Wipe:
With a special code, initiate a remote secure wipe of all the data on the encrypted phone. Making the phone entirely unusable.

Unique Encryption:
Based on the input of the user, each phone has a unique encryption. Unknown by the phone supplier / developers.
Disable Components:
To operate in complete secrecy. Allowing the user of every encrypted phone to disable components on the hardware layer.

Periodic OS Updates:
We update the OS, Apps, and Cryptography periodically to safeguard the OS against zero-days, exploits, and other vulnerabilities.
Global Secure Connectivity:
Next to the built-in wireless attack protection, we also provide global sim-cards to operate globally more anonymously.

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  • Date : August 10, 2021
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