The X-Tab 9000 is a state of art GPS outdoor tablet with Wi-Fi and with all the functions of the X- Map-Systems devices: robust and durable. The X-Tab 9000 is an all-weather outdoor multi-function device combined with the versatility of the Android operating system. Your adventures can never be more fun, – whether you love extreme sports or like travelling under extreme conditions, working on construction sites or for industrial usage –, this rugged tablet is designed to be impact -and resistant proof and is a reliable partner for you’re on-road, off-road, in-door and with out-door activities. With advanced specifications and technology, you can take this robust tablet a meter under water matching both professional and personal needs. You don’t need to worry about any type of terrain or any type of usage anymore.

The X-Tab is the strongest tablet ever and is bigger than a smartphone but smaller than a laptop; you can use your favorite apps and use multimedia where ever you go.

The X-Tab 9000 comes with pre-installed OpenStreetMaps, Offroad mapping, GPS trails and Sea Maps with a high tech Marine Navigator for convenient and accurate routing. While being adaptive with today’s technology you can play all types of multimedia and take pictures with a 2.0 mega pixel camera and navigate your destinations using our smart compass. Enjoy safety and adventure with a dash of rugged class.

Specifications: • Processor: Cortex A7 Quad Core 1.2GHz • Display: 7Inch 1024×600 IPS/AFFS 400CD/M • Operating system: Android 4.1 • SSD: 8GB CLASS 10 • Camera front: 2.0 Mega pixels • Camera back: 8.0 Mega pixels • Bluetooth: 4.0 • USB: 2.0 • Working temp: -20-80c • Languages menu: 25 languages • Nand Flash: EMCP 8GB • DDR2: 1GB • GSM/GPRS: WCDMA/GSM 3G/HSDPA 14.4m • Micro-SD card: Support 128MB-32BG • WIFI: 802.11B/G/N • Loudspeaker: Built-in • Battery: 11000MAh lithium battery • Charging: input: 240V AC output: 5V DC

The X-Tab 9000 extremely tough tablet comes with an 8 GB SSD and extended memory to store your important data. Wifi & 3G connection are included so that you can connect easily with the internet while having the benefit of utilizing the X-Tab’s rugged tablet high tech platform. The X-tab is made for extreme conditions. It has a working temp of -20 to 80c with a 7inch sun light readable IPS screen and a 11000mAh lithium Battery for maximum performance and the reliability that you need.

Included in the box: • One Android X-Tab 9000 3G • Suction-cup vehicle mount • Holding strap • X-Tab 9000 manual • Home charger • USB cable • Vehicle 12V charger • Direct Battery Charger with built-in converter • Manual. Optional: • Industrial atv/ motorcycle/jet ski mount • Extended Memory • Navigation cover bag • Additional Bluetooth headset • Additional Charger

The X-Tab all-weather rugged tablet is waterproof, dustproof and impact resistant which opens up the horizon to use the tab under water or during a hunting trip, fishing or when you’re thrilling yourself with extreme sports. Ride your ATV/UTV with confidence without the fear of your tab being damaged and you can mount it on your Motorcycle and navigate with ease. Going for a workout or a bicycle trip?

Mount the X-Tab and route efficiently while enjoying the safety and efficiency of the X-Tab. Mount the device on your jetski and make your adventure handy or navigate your sailboat with ease. Also ideal for Zodiac and for people working on a construction site. The X-Tab is a strong outdoor tablet and is the ideal solution for communication and organizing yourself and your team
Absolute perfect for people working in a shipyard or a factory, industrial and construction site!



Sunlight readable IPS Screen: It is in the name “Sunlight readable IPS screen “ so you can do all the things you require even when the sun is shining on the screen. The sunlight readable screen with the wide-angle IPS high definition screen technologies creates an immersive viewing experience with vibrant images. Individual pixels bring a powerful unmatched image quality at any angle. Watch images four times stronger, wider and sharper then with a regular screen. You will be amazed of the brightness, sharpness and the brilliant look of the images. You even can notice the smallest details.


Ultra Rugged: This X-Tab rugged tablet has an ultra strong and waterproof housing. The X-Tab 9000 has an aluminium alloy internal frame and 1.2mm highly scratch resistant tempered glass touch screen. You can be sure the X-Tab will withstand the toughest environments and the most extreme conditions. It’s built to industrial grade IP67 / IPX7 ratings and gives the highest standard of protection, designed to be protected against drops, shocks, spills, vibration and more.
It can withstand a drop from one meter at any angle and it’s complete waterproof up to one meter under water and reached MIL-STD-810G military standard. So because of all these ratings this X-Tab 9000 is the best on the market in rugged and waterproof devices.


Compact Design: This tablet has a compact and quad-proof design. The X-Tab was developed to be tough, powerful and strong but still to be a thin design. Especially practical for your travels around the globe. Because of its compact size it’s easy to carry it with you in your suitcase or bag. The most important thing is that you always have your desired information or entertainment within reach. The X-Tab 9000 is tested in deserts, wetlands, rivers, lakes, tundra’s, mountains and large forests. It doesn’t matter if it’s wet, cold, dusty or dirty, nothing compromises the X-Tab 9000 performance.


Fast Connectivity: Unlimited access to wireless connectivity. The X-Tab 9000 waterproof tablet uses the most advanced and the next generation wireless WiFi,GPRS and 3G technology. You can make easily and wireless connection for a mission critical information at amazing speeds.Your connection is limitless. You can easily use the X-Tab in very wet and extremely dry situations, for example on the sailing boat in Germany or while hiking in the mountains of Africa. Where ever you go, your X-Tab goes with you.


Amazing Camera: Capture your greatest moments with the 8.0mp camera of this rugged X-Tablet. Use this X-Tab as a true waterproof action sport camera. Make high definition video’s and photos from all your exciting and/or precious moments with your family, friends, colleagues, etc. Your special moments can be captured by the front- and rear-facing camera’s for really colorfull and sharp photo’s and video’s, even in extreme temperatures and in extreme conditions. The camera will never ever let you down. With an internet connection you directly can send your photo or video to everyone you want. Fast and easy.


Powerful Battery: Enough power for the whole trip. The X-Tab 9000 has a very powerful long life battery of 11.000mAh. Never be off-line with this rugged waterproof IP67/IP68 industrial outdoor business & action sport 3G tablet with this long life battery. Next to the long life battery this X-Tab tablet runs on an advanced Android software, with a Nucleus platform. The Nucleus platform enables the tablet to consume less power then a regular tablet and gives it a long stand-by time. Charge your X-Tab 9000 rugged tablet or transfer data using a micro USB cable.


Features: Your X-Tab 9000 is designed and built for any type of usage, whether it’s on a mountain, building site, desert, open waters, motorcycle, jetski or in a indoor warehouse and factory the X-Tab 9000 helps you to navigate in precision. View action movies or film your own adventure. This tablet is eqquipped with it all… Play clear music, navigate, connect with internet and watch or make movies. This X-Tab has a powerful 100DB speaker for immersive sound performance. Music & effects becomes breathtaking realistic. This tablet can also be wireless connected with the X-Audio or other Bluetooth speakers and accessories. A fully equipped tablet… 3G, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0, plus an E-Compass, Gyroscope and expandable Micro-SD card memory. With this tablet you’re able to work in any environment, even in critical or freezing cold conditions.


Navigate Limitless: Limitless amount of advanced navigation software’s with specific charts & mapping. Including pre-installed navigation software such as: Compass, OpenSeaMap, OpenStreetMap, Marine Navigation and Off-road topo-maps. With this X-Tab rugged tablet you will arrive at your destination whether it will be over land or sea.
The X-Tab 9000 tablet is based on a innovative Android software which allows you to enjoy over 1,000,000 apps from the Google Play store.

•Marine navigation: Use the X-Tab 9000 as navigation system for your kayak or boat. The X-Tab has practical pre-installed marine nautical navigation applications such as OpenSeaMap. View where to go or track the logs of your previous adventure.

•Trail navigation: Use the X-Tab as navigation system for your suv or industrial vehicle. The X-Tab 9000 has practical pre-installed trail off-road navigation applications such as OpenStreetMap.

•Outdoor tools: Use the X-Tab 9000 for the essential outdoor tools. The X-Tab has practical pre-installed outdoor applications and is able to download many more apps from Google Play™.


Hand-Strap: This X-Tab 9000 tablet comes with a practical hand-strap, ideally for your work related tasks. This hand-strap allows you to hold this tablet firmly without much effort. With the use of the hand strap your own hand is functioning as a strong basis, so it’s easier to work on it. You have more grip on actions and it’s easier to type a document, letter, url, search request or what so ever. One hand is holding the tablet and the other hand is free to work on it. The hand-strap is fully adjustable to any size, you can do this within just a few seconds.


Business & Leisure: This X-Tab is the ideal tablet for business aswell as for pleasure. The X-Tab 9000 is a complete new handheld tablet computing device for any situation. The X-Tab is engineered for consumers and businesses that demand a mobile device that is larger than a smartphone but smaller than a laptop. The X-Tab 9000 is ideal for entertainment multimedia and for business usage. Take the X-Tab rugged waterproof Android Tablet wherever you go and even under rough circumstances. Google Play offers various business aswell as consumer related applications, which are practical, time efficient or just fun to use.


Appreciated Applications: Choose the apps that fits your daily mobile life. With the build-in WIFI and 3G you can connect anywhere throughout the internet, have Skype calls or check your Facebook messages. Download various X-Tab apps from Google Play™. The X-Tab 9000 rugged tablet is based on an Android software which allows you to enjoy over 1,000,000 applications from the Google Play store. This X-Tab rugged tablet has many pre-installed navigation & outdoor software applications such as: Compass, OpenSeaMap, OpenStreetMap, marine navigation and off-road topo maps and many more. You can use all these features at any indoor and outdoor environment as the screen is operable even when it’s wet and wearing conductive gloves.



Processor: Cortex A7 Quad Core 1.2GHz
Display: 7Inch 1024×600 IPS/AFFS 400CD/M
Operating system: Android 4.1
Camera front: 2.0 Mega pixel
Bluetooth: 4.0
USB: 2.0
Working temp: -20-80c
Languages menu: 25 languages
Nand Flash: EMCP 8GB
Micro-SD card: Support 128MB-32BG
Camera back: 8.0 Mega pixel
WIFI: 802.11B/G/N
Loudspeaker: Built-in
Battery: 11000MAh lithium battery
Charging: input: 240V AC output: 5V DC
One X-Tab 9000 3G
X-Tab holding strap
Optional suction-cup or roll-bar mount
X-Tab 9000 3G product card
X-Tab home charger
X-Tab USB cable
EAN / GTIN-13: 8718868680235


  • Date : September 11, 2014
  • Tags : Electronics