The X-Tab 7500 is the second generation tablets from X-Systems, it’s a real piece of art an industrial GPS tablet with Wi-Fi and all other X-Systems features. The tablet is made robust and durable but still very comfortable in the hand and perfect for the hardworking people who has the need of a better and stronger quality. The X-Tab 7000 is a multi function all-weather device operating on an Android operating system. This means, that no matter under whatever environmental circumstances the tablet needs to work, it keeps on surviving. An industrial worker, farmer, construction, fisherman or whatever other job there is, you never will find a better fitting tablet. This industrial tablet is specially designed to be impact- and resistant proof. Further on it’s a reliable partner for your toughest environmental circumstances during your work. During your on-road, off-road, in-door and even with out-door tasks this tablet fits perfectly. With the most advanced specifications and technology, this waterproof tablet can be taken with you, up to a meter under water, matching both professional and personal needs. No more worrying about any type of terrain or any type of usage anymore. The X-Tab is one of the strongest tablets ever and it’s bigger than a Smartphone yet smaller than a laptop. Wherever you go you can use your favorite apps and multimedia.
Staying adaptive with today’s technology you can play all types of multimedia, take pictures with the 8.0 megapixel rear camera and navigate your destinations using our smart compass. Take the maximum out of this tablet during your business or private life. A tablet never fitted more into a person’s life.
Specifications: • Processor: Quad Core 1.3GHz • DDR2: 1GB • Display: 7Inch 1280×800 IPS/AFFS 400CD/M • Operating system: Android 4.4 • SSD: 16GB CLASS 10 • Camera front: 2.0 Mega pixels • Camera back: 8.0 Mega pixels • Bluetooth: 4.1 • USB: 2.0 • Working temp: 20 -80c • Languages menu: 25 languages • GSM/GPRS: WCDMA/GSM 3G/WCDMA 14.4m • Micro-SD card: Support 128MB up to 32BG • WIFI: 802.11B/G/N • Loudspeaker: Built-in • Battery: 7000MAh lithium battery • Charging: input: 240V AC output: 5V DC
The extremely rugged business tablet X-Tab 7500 comes with a 16 GB SSD + extended memory to store your important data. A 3G connection and WIFI interconnection are implemented into the phone; you can easily connect with the internet while having the advantage of utilizing the X-Tab’s waterproof high tech platform during your job. The X-Tab is specially made to survive under extreme conditions, and has a long life battery to keep rolling for a long time, with a working temperature of -20 up to 80C and a 7inch sunlight readable IPS screen.
The tablet has a extremely powerful 7000mAh lithium battery for maximum performance and the reliability that you need during the most important moments.
Included in the box: One Android X-Tab 7500 3G • Holding strap • X-Tab 7500 manual • Home charger • USB cable •
Optional: • Industrial atv/ motorcycle/jet ski mount • Extended Memory • Navigation cover bag • Additional Bluetooth headset • Additional Charger • Vehicle 12V charger • Direct Battery Charger with built-in converter
The all-weather waterproof rugged tablet; X-Tab 7500 is next to being waterproof also dustproof and impact resistant. Perfect for working under the toughest circumstances such as for the farmers, industrial workers etc. This opens up your horizon to new possibilities and adventures. You can now easily use the phone under the extreme environmental conditions during your work, under water or during a trip, fishing or when used during construction work, with not being scared of damaging your phone during your work. You can now use your phone easiliy and enjoy the highest quality of rugged technology. Long day working or having a weekend off? From now on just take out your X-Tab 7500 and enjoy the ultimate safety and efficiency you’ll get with the X-Tab.



The sunlight readable IPS Screen keeps you able to keep on doing things required even when the brightest sun is shining on the screen at work, due to the wide-angle IPS high definition screen technology, that creates an immersive viewing experience with vibrant images. This all come with the sunlight readable screen. The individual pixels bring you a very powerful image quality at any angle, truly unmatchable. Watch four times stronger images, a lot wider and sharper then with any regular screen. You will be stunned because of the brightness, sharpness and the brilliance of the look off the images. The smallest details can even be noticed.


This rugged tablet from X-Systems has an ultra strong and waterproof housing specially designed to survive on all kinds of circumstances you may come across during your work. Implemented into the X-Tab 7500 is a hexa-structure internal frame and 1.2mm highly scratch resistant tempered glass touch-screen. From now on, no more accidental scratches on your screen. The X-Tab for sure will withstand the toughest environments and the most extreme conditions during your work. Built to industrial grade IP68 ratings and giving the highest standard of protection, specially designed to be protected against shocks, drops, spills, vibration and much more. A drop for a meter height at any angle is no longer a problem. Fully waterproof up to a meter under water and it also reach the MIL-STD-810G military standard. This all makes the X-Tab 7500 the best around on the market, in rugged and waterproof devices. You can always use the X-Tab 7500 whatever job or personal needs need to be fulfilled.


The X-Tab 7500 has a large 7 inch and high definition screen with IPS (In-plane switching) for optimal sharp and impressive images, your able to read or view everything clearly. It’s like watch a HD Television at home. Thanks to the IPS technology the X-Tab 7500 brings amazing image quality from just about any angle you look, ideal for company presentation or sharing your pictures with surrounding people.With the touchscreen smooth, fine lines and broader strokes all flow from your hand in a way you have never seen before on a tablet.A true unmatched clear, colorful, responsive and wide-angle tablet screen.



Extremely sleek: The X-Tab 7500 has a compact, sleek and quad-proof design. Specially designed to be tough, powerful and very strong yet still being thin. Especially practical for your working needs. Being a little compact tablet it’s easy to be carried in either your suitcase or bag. The most important thing that always is in reach is you desired information or entertainment. Tested in deserts, wetlands, rivers, lakes, mountains and the largest forest; all no problem for the X-Tab 7500. Whether it’s wet, dusty, dirty or cold, nothing prevents the performance of the X-Tab 7500. So the best quality during the most important times.
This superb rugged and sleek design gives you a particularly pleasant feeling to be able to enjoy such a high tech developed waterproof design, but with all the options you need from a tablet. This X-Tab comes at such a competitive price that it is truly unprecedented.



Equipped with the processor and ram power to handle all your applications. This X-Tab 7500 has al the essential that a powerhouse like this should need. Fastest 1.3Ghz Quad-Core processor available on the market, 3G & WIFI, expandable memory and many more to give you a true amazing tablet sensation and its even rugged. These unmatched features make the X-Tab 7500 a tablet for now, tomorrow and the future. It powerful performance, high specifications and ultimate rugged housing will set new standards for the upcoming years.



Whether you’re in the middle of an industrial terrain, the middle of a building site, ended up in a desert, open waters, farming or in an indoor warehouse, the X-Tab 7500 is designed and built for any type of usage and helps you to navigate and work in precision. Either film your own adventure or view action movies and information videos, everything is possible with the X-Tab 7500. Clear music, navigation, connection to the internet and making movies, the X-Tab is equipped with it all. For the best sound performance the X-Tab has a 100DB speaker implemented. Music and other types of effects becomes breathtaking realistic. The X-Tab can easily be connected to the X-Audio or other Bluetooth accessories and speakers and all of course wireless. With this fully equipped tablet with features such as 3G, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0, an E-Compass, Gyroscope and expandable Micro-SD card memory you’re able to work in any environment, even in the most critical or freezing cold conditions.


Capture your greatest moments with the 13.0mp camera of this rugged tablet. This 13.0 MegaPixel Camera is equipped with an Autofocus, Flashlight and other fantastic possibilities. Having this clear camera on this farming, construction and industrial tablet makes you capture your greatest moments with ease and with the best quality. Create high definition video’s or take a photo during you most exciting or precious moments during work, private life, with friends, family, etc. By either the front- or rear- facing camera you can capture your special moments for really colorful and sharp photo’s and videos. Even in extreme temperatures and conditions you may pass through working. This camera will never let you down. From now on you’ll be able to send your photo’s and video to everyone you want with the internet connection on the Tablet. Quick and easy.


Fitting you daily mobile life, apps can be downloaded at Google Play. With the built-in WIFI connection and the 3G you can connect everywhere throughout the internet while working. A quick Skype call or just checking your Facebook messages, all is possible with the waterproof X-Tab 7500. Download various X-Tab apps from Google Play. Google Play is the download program on the X-Tab 7500 and ables you to download over more than 1,000,000 applications fitting your lifestyle. There are a lot of pre-installed applications for navigation during work or private life such as: Compass, OpenSeaMap, OpenStreetMap, marine navigation and an off-road topographical maps and many more. These applications can be used whether you in an indoor or outdoor environment since the screen is operable even when you're wearing gloves or it’s wet weather.



Enough juice for a productive day, more than enough power for a week working. The 7000mAh long life battery implemented into the X-Tab 7500 keeps the tablet working for a long time with no charge stops. With this long battery you will never be offline any more. Besides the long life X-Tab tablet battery the tablet runs on an advanced Android software, with a Nucleus platform. This enables the tablet to consume less power than a normal tablet and a longer stand-by time. Transfer data and important information using a micro USB cable, or charge your X-Tab 7500 waterproof tablet.


This X-Tab is the ideal tablet for business as well as for your personal enjoyment. A new generation compatible devices which are suitable under every situation you are working in. Specially designed for consumers and businesses that needs a mobile device that is larger than a phone but yet still smaller than a laptop. Ideal for business use or entertainment multimedia. Under the roughest circumstances you can take your waterproof Android Tablet with you. The Google Play application offers you various applications related to business use as well as consumers use, which are either practical, time efficient or just fun to use.



The X-Tab 7500 has all the connection possibilities you could require on a professional tablet such as 3G, 2G, GPRS, Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC. Wireless connectivity is unlimited with the X-Tab. The rugged X-Tab 7500 makes use of the most advanced wireless Wi-Fi, GPRS and 3G technology. At amazing speeds you’ll be able to make easily and wireless connection for critical information on a task. Limitless connection. In every wet, tough and dry situation or during the job, you can use the X-Tab easily. Wherever you go, take the X-Tab with you!



Open your creativity and explore the possibilities with the X-Tab. This X-Tab 7500 tablet is made to deliver lightning fast web browsing, 1080p HD movies, fantastic gaming experience and handle harsh business applications, with an extended battery lifetime and an immersive sound performance. The power of the X-Tab is also ideal for businesses… use it for your company presentation, view construction blueprints, maintain overview on your calendar or make the X-Tab 7500 your Android based on-road POS system.
The X-Tab 7500 does everything faster and under any situation or condition, it’s your mobile freedom at the speed of light.


The Hand-strap that comes with the X-Tab 7500 can be ideally for your work related tasks. With this hand-strap you hold your tablet comfortable without much effort. Your hand is a strong basis with the use of the hand strap which is included with the X-Tab 7500. This makes it easier to work on it (the tablet). More easy to type a document, letter, url, search request or what so ever and more grip on actions. One of your hands will be holding the tablet and the other hand is free to use. Adjustable to any size within just a few seconds, the hand-strap is very handy as you can see.


What else can you do with the X-Tab...Choose the apps that fit your daily mobile life. With the build-in WIFI and 3G you can connect anywhere through the internet, have Skype calls or check your Facebook messages. It’s also possible to download one of the 1.1 million Games, Applications, Education, Productivity, Books & Reference, Communication, Travel & Local, News & Magazines, Photography, Social, Medical, Business and Widgets app’s through Google Play™. With this X-Tab your always connected, during your hiking high in the mountains or below the ground in the industrial workspace.


Processor: Cortex A7 Quad Core 1.3GHz
Display: 7Inch 1280x800 IPS/AFFS 400CD/M
Operating system: Android 4.4
Camera front: 2.0 Mega pixel
Bluetooth & NFC: 4.1
USB: 2.0
Working temp: -20 up to 80c
Languages menu: 25 languages
Nand Flash: EMCP 16GB
Micro-SD card: Support 128MB up to 32BG
Camera back: 13 Mega pixel
WIFI: 802.11 B/G/N
Loudspeaker: Built-in
Battery: 7000MAh lithium battery
Charging: input: 240V AC output: 5V DC

One X-Tab 7500 3G tablet
One X-Tab holding strap
Optional suction-cup or roll-bar mount
One X-Tab 7500 3G product card
One X-Tab home charger
One X-Tab USB cable
EAN / GTIN-13: 8718868680228


  • Date : October 5, 2015
  • Tags : Electronics