Outdoor Waterproof Phone: X-Tel 3000

Strongest IP68 Dual-Sim Waterproof Outdoor T9 mobile phone X-Tel 3000

The X-Tel 3000 is an outdoor waterproof mobile phone with retro styled T9 keyboard working on a powerful low energy consumption nucleus software platform. A waterproof phone specially built for calling and other essentials such as text messaging and a tiny webrouwser. This outdoor waterproof phone is very compact, light and extremely waterproof.
X-Tel 3000, outdoor waterproof mobile phone with more than standard features; the X-Tel 3000 is a great little handset that delivers a whole lot more than you would expect. Complete with the essentials and a stack of features; including dual-sim connection, waterproof flashlight, waterproof camera, radio, WAP internet, voice recorder, EDGE GPRS conection, an DUAL-SIM possibility and MP3. With a 2.0” QCIF Screen.
The X-Tel 3000 has a IP68 waterproof housing to protect against all kinds of tough elements. Built for extreme outdoor and industrial use, ideal of action sport or work related conversations. While still fits perfectly in the hand palm by its ergonomic design. This outdoor mobile phone is up to two meters waterproof and is as strong as ice. More tough or stronger then IP68 ain’t possible!
A side that the X-Tel 3000 is a true outdoor and waterproof phone it offers more; The X-Tel is also a DUAL-SIM phone where two sim-cards can be standby simultaniously with both 2G connections. The X-Tel 3000 also has a 2000 mAh lithium battery. 1 Watt waterproof flashlight. Waterproof camera and much more. Included into the box is a battery, charger cable, charger and an earphone.


X-Tel 3000

Endure: Built for industrial and outdoor usage, made to last the longest! A durable IP68 shock-, dust- & waterproof Terra housing to protect against any adventure or critical situation. 
Practical: Back to simplicity. Only reliabity and the basic phone essentials. Some of the standard features are Dual-SIM, WAP Internet, SMS, flashlight, camera and FM radio.


The X-Tel 3000 has a 2.0 Inch IPS display. The superior brightness and contrast display make this X-Tel clearly readable in sunlight. This screen makes usage of IPS (In-plane switching) wide-angle technology, for an unmatched viewing experience from all angles. The X-Tel 3000 display is ideal for a quick and clear overview. The X-Tel 3000 screen is 100% built for the outdoor, is extremely durable and is completely waterproof. This X-Tel aims to squeeze the high-res screen and battery longevity of an advanced system into a package that still fits the pocket.



This X-Tel 3000 has an extreme waterproof rugged case, for optimal protection of the internal mobile components of the phone. The X-Tel 3000 has a ultra outdoor IP68 waterproof housing. Don’t let its simplicity fool you, this classic retro designed phone can withstand any condition. A side that the X-Tel is a waterproof phone, it is even fully submersible. The back-cover is secured with the supplied strong stainless steel bolts. These bolds give extra secure waterproof and outdoor usage protection to your X-Tel 3000 against dust- or water leakage. Your X-Tel 3000 functions perfectly in extreme temperatures varying from -20 to 80°C. IP68 is the highest certification a water- and dust proof phone can receive, it stands for absolute durability with maintaining its compactness. This phone may be called a true waterproof mobile phone



The X-Tel waterproof phone has an ergonomic design. It fits perfectly within your hands even with large hands or gloves. This ergonomic X-Tel 3000 is the perfect phone for the workplace, intended to maximize productivity. If you work in the outdoor or in water environments, this ergonomic design reduces the operator fatigue and discomfort holding. Next to the design this phone is equipped with ergonomically large key buttons for effective outdoor use and fast response.


This X-Tel 3000, features a classic retro styled T9 keyboard, which is hand-glove friendly. The classic retro T9 keyboard has extra large widely spaced keys for easily accessibility. The widely spaced, domed retro keys are easy to use with gloves, makes working outdoors easier. The keyboard has fixed dedicated keys for phonebook, recent calls SIM1, recent calls SIM2, LED flashlight, FM-Radio, silent and general sound profile. Next to these fixed dedicated keys there is also the possibility to set and adjust your own shortcuts, these are standard set for viewing text messages, opening audio player, adjusting sound profiles and setting alarm. The keyboard is completed with background lighting for an optimized detailed view, even in the darkest surroundings.
Lots of outdoor work, strong work hands or large gloves? No worries, you’re still able to operate with this X-Tel 3000. The buttons have enough space in between and has an easy answer and a hang up button. It’s also equipped with a practical waterproof flashlight button for direct access.



Capture your greatest outdoors adventure moments or photo evidence with the waterproof camera of the X-Tel 3000. This X-Tel has a useful low power consumption, a 1.3MP rear-facing camera, which gives enough result for capturing your moment. The built-in waterproofcamera is easy to use. A camera for your essential business photos or catching your supurb outdoor moments.



Mobile-fleet managers, construction-site foreman, and offsite supervisors can stay in quick contact with their team in the outdoor in virtually any conditions with the X-Tel 3000. Whatever the job requires, this phone can withstand, heavy outdoor, extreme usage, all-weather conditions and any critical situation. Specially developed for extreme low pressure, temperature fluctuation, solar radiation, blowing dust- and rain. For in water usage, this waterproof phone X-Tel 3000 provides a rubber non-slip exterior for secure hold and extra durability. This X-Tel is a professional GSM mobile phone, it is specifically designed to enhance outdoor mobile workforce productivity and safety.



The waterproof X-Tel 3000 has a very high power efficiency and a long lasting battery. Don’t worry that your battery runs low with this X-Tel. This due its Nucleus operating system. Nucleus OS is the platform that’s known in the industry for its very low power consumption and smooth control of the power management. The X-Tel 3000 has the capacity to standby for more then 330Hours and a long 15 hours of talking time! Finally there is an industrial outdoor and waterproof phone with a very long lasting battery.



Noise reduction for outdoor usage. The X-Tel 3000 is a true waterproof and outdoor mobile phone as it offers also noise reduction, it has built-in noise-cancelling function within its microphone. The background noise is filtered to have a more clear connection. No more troubles that you aren’t understandable, the background noise is automatically filtered, giving the microphone sound only your clear voice while the phone is wet or in an outdoor environment. With a X-Tel phone you always have a clear conversation. Ideal for phone communications in crowded areas or on a construction site.


The X-Tel 3000 has a Dual-Sim connection. Switch effortless between two providers on the X-Tel 3000 with Dual-SIM. Specially made for abroad journeys or if you need separate numbers between work and private calls. Besides that the X-Tel 3000 is an IP68 waterproof phone, it also offers a Dual-Sim connection, for two sim-cards. Next to the dual-sim functionality, the X-Tel 3000 also has a Micro-SD slot, for more memory on your waterproof X-Tel 3000 phone. Switch effortless between two providers on this dual-sim waterproof phone due its Dual-Sim functionality. Great for traveling, abroad journeys, private and business use and many more or add additional MicroSD memory to save more maps, charts, apps, photos and movies. You can also exchange easily memory with your computer by a MicroSD card reader or the supplied USB cable.


Connect endless with other Bluetooth devices. This X-Tel 3000 is equipped with a practical Bluetooth connection function. Establish a connection with other wireless devices that are Bluetooth enabled. Connect with a headset, wireless speaker or car kit. With Bluetooth you can connect your X-Tel within a few seconds to a other device and stream the audio source. The Bluetooth has a range of 10 meters, so you can enjoy your freedom.



The X-Tel 3000 is the ultimate mobile phone for business and private, for rought business as well private outdoor adventures. Witch between work and private call with DUAL-SIM feature, its durable enough and has the long lasting batteries for all your work as private related tasks. The X-Tel 3000 is the ultimate combination of an outdoor mobile phone with waterproof mobile phone, combine these and you get the X-Tel 3000 mobile phone!




WATERPROOF MOBILE PHONE : The X-Tel 3000 is a winning combination of high quality, outdoor durability, fast software, connectivity, usability and waterproof protection. Travel the globe and discover more places with the X-Tel 3000. Built for extreme outdoor usage, the waterproof mobile phone with waterproof camera, waterproof flashlight, waterproof & durable T9 keyboard, dual-sim connection and 2000 mAh battery!


2G QUAD-BAND : Connect your self anywhere, the X-Tel 3000 maeks use of 2G Quad-Band connection that means the phone makes use of the following frequencies: 850, 900,1800,1900 MHz. X-Tel global coverage is ideal for your adventures or business related travels.


INTERNET : Connect with outdoors with WAP internet. View instantly your most recent e-mails or surf the internet for usefull sites.With WAP internet there is a whole virval world open for you, discover everything there is on this globe and far beyond within a few clicks from your X-Tel 3000.


EDGE GPRS : The X-Tel 3000 is eqquiped with a EDGE GPRS, which delivers higher bit-rates per radio channel, resulting in a threefold increase in capacity and performance compared with an ordinary GSM/GPRS connection


TEXT MESSAGES : Send regular text messages to your colleagues or friends. You can adjust the T9 ABC keyboard input language for your multi-language text messaging.


MMS MESSAGES : Share your recently made image or video directly with a MMS messages. Send the file from anywhere thought the use of MMS internet connection.


CONTACTS : The X-Tel has Dual-SIM, yet you would like to access the contacts from both numbers. The X-Tel 3000 has enough internal capicity to storage u 1000 contacts.


LOGS : If it’s important it can’t be missed. Your X-Tel offers the possibility of viewing dialed, misssed and recieved calls, twenty of each. Next to this you are able to keep a huge record collection of 1000 text messages on this phone.


INDUSTRIAL PHONE :The X-Tel 3000 is built for outdoor and industrial usage. Wherever and whenever you go, the X-Tel 3000 is ready for you. For any work in the outdoor the X-Tel 3000 is the ultimate outdoor and waterproof mobile phone for industrial, agriculture, construction, transportation, logistics, defense, lifeguard, marine. outdoor and security professionals.




Protection: IP68, Military Standard 810g
Type phone: T9 rugged phone
Operating system: Nucleus OS
Display: 2.0Inch QCIF Screen
Memory: up to 32GB max
Camera rear: 0.3 Mega pixel
USB: Micro USB 2.0
Working temp: -20 up to 80c
Talking time GSM: 18 hours
Languages menu: multi languages
Sim Card: Dual sim
GSM: 850 / 900 / 1800/ 1900MHz
Flashlight: LED intensity
Battery: 2000mAh lithium battery
Charging: input: 240V AC output: 5V DC
Working time: 62 hours
Stand by time: up to 15 days
Dimensions: 124.5 mm length x 57.2 mm width x 20 mm thickness


One X-Tel 3000 phone
One X-Tel 3000 2000mAh battery
One X-Tel 3000 usb cable

One X-Tel 3000 product card
One X-Tel 3000 Headset
One X-Tel 3000 charger
EAN / GTIN-13: 8718868680037



  • Date : January 16, 2015
  • Tags : Electronics