Secure Psychologists & Therapists Video Conferencing

Psycholigist & Therapist



Secure Video Chat Messaging for psychologists & therapists


Is your patient unable to travel for any reason, is there an emergency that requires a real-time session remotely, due to health issues the client can visit the practice. XECURE has the digital solution for psychologists & therapists providing its secure video chat messaging platform.

The audio and video quality in 1-on-1 sessions is of exceptional high quality that allows you to see the non-verbal signals such as body language, facial expression, posture and facial expressions of the client, which is of high importance to the practitioner.


High quality video chat


Thanks to the high quality of the image, the practitioner can better interpret the (body) reactions of the client. Let your client have remote and secure personal contact with you as his/her psychologist or therapist. You can also turn off your own camera to make your client feel more safe and comfortable.

Physical & therapeutic consultation


Being security-conscious, XECURE allows you to share sensitive information only across an enterprise-grade infrastructure, providing highly secured and robust encrypted video chat messaging facilities.

Remote psychologists and therapists


Enable clients to communicate directly and privately with their psychologists and therapists in real time, as a replacement for a private consultation. Establish a secure audio and video chat messaging conversation, discuss everything across any device; smartphone, laptop, PC as long as there is a working webcam and microphone.

Agenda and user management

Open infrastructure


1. By using the open infrastructure psychologists and therapists have fast and efficient personal contact with their clients, digitally. The privacy of the specialist and that of their patients is always guaranteed.

Private infrastructure


2. By using the private infrastructure, psychologists and therapists can communicate securely with other specialists throughout the globe using a governmental certified Firewall and VPN (Virtual Private Network) infrastructure for internal sensitive communications.



Would you like more information about our safe and secure Local Government Secure Video Conference Platform? Then contact our team for the possibilities for your company / organization.

  • Date : June 4, 2020
  • Tags : Secure Video Conferencing & Calling