The body camera in combination with smartphones (4G streaming)

At this moment there is a big international interest in body cameras. The use and the demand for this products is getting bigger and bigger everyday. The body camera of X-Systems is unique in comparative with others. With the X-Cam 2000 it is possible to stream videos directly to the secure and encrypted X-Tel 9000 of X-Enterprise. Trough this function, it is possible to contact an emergency room directly, so they know that they have to respond. This makes the body camera necessary in the most dangerous situations.
Next to this, the body cameras of X-Systems are of good quality, are making the best videos and have an automatic black and white function. You will be sure that all the made material is of good quality. You don’t have to be afraid any more, that material is unusable because of worse quality.


Safety & Security with Body Cameras & Smartphones

The main advantages of X-Cam 2000 body cameras in combination with X-Tel 9000 are safety and security.
This by combining a couple of features from X-Tel 9000 and X-Cam 2000.
X-Tel 9000:
Safety: IP68 waterproof & dustproof, Mil-Std 810g protective, Drop-proof up to 120 centimeters
Usability: 3600 mAh battery (up to 8 hours full 4G streaming + 10 days standby time)
Connectivity: Dual-Sim capability to switch between government and commercial networks
Encryption: 4G end-to-end data encryption from X-Cam to headquarter
Communication: Secure Messaging & VoIP talk to instant notify or report a situation
Security: Powered by X-Enterprise secure and encrypted architecture
X-Cam 2000:
Safety: PTT (porto phone) functionality, IP67 water-proof, shock-proof and drop-proof
Usability: 3300 mAh battery (up to 8 hours continuous recording)
Visibility: 1080p / 30 fps video + 22MP photo quality, and 10x digital zoom
Camera: Laser light, purple light, white light and infrared night vision function
Security: Secure video-data encryption and identity recognition
Additional: Integrated military-spec thermal imaging camera sensors


Maximum flexibility, productivity and safety for body camera users

Of course, the X-Tel 9000 smartphone can also be used as smartphone to provide maximum flexibility needed to match users evolving missions and environments. A side of streaming functionalities, the X-Tel 9000 can at the same time be used as mobile device.
The X-Tel 9000 has X-Enterprise is powered by the X-Enterprise architecture, which was designed from the outset for the mobile environment. Our architectural foundation is built upon security layers of trust from embedded hardware, operating system policy controls, and compatibility with leading mobile management systems to configure the X-Tel 9000 for maximum mission productivity and security.
Learn more about X-Enterprise Mobile Security | X-Tel 9000 | X-Cam 2000


Safety, Usability and Protection from body camera to head quarters

Beside this, the video filming can be stopped and started automatically, trough the build-in G-sensor. The G-sensor is making a statement directly, when the body camera gets a smash, for example because of falling. If users are in an emergent situation, a message is sent to colleagues connected to person in an emergency.
Further you can make use of the SOS-button, which you can find on the body camera. By pressing the SOS-button, the body camera will make contact automatically with a telephone number, which you have set beforehand by yourself. The GPS-function of the body camera will figure out where you are located, so it is clear where you are finding yourself. This means that if you are in a dangerous situation, the people who need to help you, known where to go.
The body camera is equipped with PTT (Porto phone), through a build-in microphone and speaker. The X-camera also has a night vision, so you can use the camera on every desirable moment. The 4G connection with the smartphone is completely safe, so all the data, information and texts your are sending, are in good hands.
Of course it is possible the use the body camera and smartphone separated.


Additional security possibilities with X-Enterprise body cameras

The possibility to connect the body camera with the smartphone makes X-Systems unique in comparison with other competitors. The next features are possible trough this:

• Directly making a message after an incident, by text or by speaking
• Giving users location trough the GPS-function, so the relevant person can see where you at. With the SOS-function application users can send a SOS message
• Make use of a safe and protected 4G connection, you can send data, information or text safely to colleagues or other people
• Watching specific videos on a big screen of the 5.0 inch HD & Gorilla Glass 3.0 display of the X-Tel 9000 in very good quality
• Warn colleagues easy and fast by sending GPS coordinates or GPS Maps link to navigate to a certain destination when user is in an emergency
• Use the smartphone and body camera together, however when needed, both devices can be used separate to i.e. manage reports or notifications
• Safety and security first, with secure (pre-set) WiFi connection between body camera and smartphone
• 4G encrypted connection, to safeguard recorded data and send safely to headquarters and / or colleagues real-time
• When circumstances or accidents occur instant action is required to avoid any lost data or suspects
• Act at actual time of situation, – when human lives are at stake every second counts


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