X-Communication secure is a communication application, – which operates standard via X-Enterprise’s private cloud-servers in Switzerland -, and offer ultimate privacy for X-Communication’s customers. It is also possible to operate on a,- by X-Customization installed –, private by customer owned server providing secure intranet and/or internet communication which will be fully private and manageable by customer on request.

X-Communication provides following encrypted solutions:

[ X-Communication Secure Messaging ] • [ X-Communication Secure Mobile VoIP ]

X-Communication is a secure, private, “zero-knowledge” and “zero-storage” end-to-end mobile secure communication application available for text messages, data & file transfers and VoIP talks throughout the world. Leaving no marks on the grid.

Nothing of all data will ever be stored on our servers, only some encrypted blobs, which we cannot decrypt. When sending data via our XMPP servers they are going to be stored as encrypted blobs until data is received, after that they will be deleted instantly.
► We do not store: Who sent the message
► We do not store: Your phone contacts
► We do not store: Your geo-location
► We do not store: Your IP address
► We do not store: Your receipient

Login manual for secure X-Messenger

Security & Privacy first with X-Communication

X-Communication is designed with multiple layers of security. Including a public key to send text-messages, file transfers and voip talks -and- a private key to receive. And in between several additional security layers with an architectural foundation of leading mobile cryptography.

X-Communication is built for maximum mission productivity and privacy.

X-Messenger 256-bit AES encrypted messaging

X-Communication comes standard with Text Messenger (including data transfer) + VoIP Talk

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X-Communication Secure MessagingX-Communication Secure Mobile VoIP