X-Communication is built to function as any normal unencrypted messaging application, yet with various symmetric key encryptions, private device keys and secure and private XMPP servers as security measures. Easy-to-use messaging client where all messages are encrypted, private, safe and 100%yours.

X-Communication is an application which is developed for ultimate privacy, with several security features integrated to protect your privacy at all times. So only you and your receipient can read your private conversations,- not us, not your wireless provider and no third parties.
The following security features are integrated;
• Secure Password-Protected Application Login
• 256-bit AES messaging encryption
• Secure symmetric-key to encrypt messages
• Secure symmetric-key to decrypt messages
• Private zero-knowledge XMPP-server

Each time you send a message to your recipient, X-Communication automatically adds a verification key to avoid man-in-the-middle attacks. When a message is being sent, the message automatically will be encrypted with a 256-bit AES encryption, which can only be opened by the recipient. Going a step further than Open PGP, X-Communications is built on the architecture of OTR with an unique encryption method in combination with private held symmetric keys.

Ultimate security to protect your privacy