X-Storage is developed to store data on X-Enterprise mobile devices – encrypted and secure.

X-Storage is a storage application where security, modularity and productivity are combined. X-Storage is available as “X-Storage Mobile” + “X-Storage PC +” as two separated applications which can work together.
X-Storage Mobile; An application architected by X-Enterprise and available on every X-Enterprise smartphone and tablet. X-Storage is designed from the outset for the mobile environment. Built upon layers of trust with 256-bit AES encryption at login, and each encrypted file is also encrypted with a 256-bit AES encryption. Wich makes X-Storage the most secure mobile storage application.
X-Storage PC+; However, X-Storage goes further. X-Storage Mobile can work together with X-Storage PC+. More information please view “X-Storage PC+”.
X-Storage PC+ is the PC variant of X-Storage Mobile, enabling users to store data (files and directories) also on PC’s, Laptops and Servers with similar encryption features and secure software policies as X-Storage mobile.
Which makes X-Storage the most secure storage application for mobile; smartphones + tablets -and- PC; computers + laptops + servers.
For maximum data security.

X-Storage provides unparalleled modularity of secure & encrypted storage for X-Enterprise mobile users

developed for X-Enterprise mobile devices;
X-Enterprise Smartphones + Tablets


X-Storage Mobile is available on every X-Enterprise mobile device

X-Storage Mobile is the ultimate secure mobile storage application, and is designed for maximum security of data. Protecting X-Enterprise users private data, and the transmission of data with as objective significantly reduce the risk of mission compromise due data loss.
Basically with double 256-bit AES encryption on application + files, it is the most secure mobile storage application available now a days.
Yet, it goes further, when encrypting files. X-Storage users can share encrypted files with other X-Storage users,- which they can decrypt – with preset password by sender – and view received file within X-Storage.


The ultimate data protection & data encryption between Mobile, PC and Laptop

X-Storage Secure Mobile Storage from X-Enterprise