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Each public place; bar, hotel, restaurant, train station or airport has open WiFi hotspots which are very convenient. Yet there are also a security breaches. With MAC spoofing, using Man-In-The-Middle Attacks it is very easy to take control of a MAC address. Basically any junior hacker can “spoof” a MAC address in just 30 seconds and make your mobile device assume you are connected to a WiFi router.
Don’t let attackers spoof their MAC address to perform a Man-In-The-Middle Attack. Protect your WiFi connection with X-WiFi.

Others may know more about you, than you know. Protect your personal life and enterprise

X-WiFi is designed with security and privacy in mind to ensure our customers can use their smartphone at any public place providing a wireless WiFi connection. When visiting a public place often a MAC address is often saved in the WiFi Connections settings of a wireless device. However the moment a MAC address is being “spoofed” a wireless device may not recognize if this is an intruder or WiFi router.
X-WiFi has the solution. Before connecting to a MAC address, X-WiFi always tracks a MAC address as it automatically analyses (real-time) the type of device accessing, monitoring an network access and/or accessing a certain wireless network. Before connecting to a known MAC address, a preset (by customer) username + password is requested for additional security.

X-WiFi is an additional security for your wireless connections

X-WiFi offers a set of protocols allowing the mobile device to control the network access. In combination with a X-World VPN connection, your data transfers and wireless connections via WiFi are nearly untraceable. Using all applications within X-Enterprise they all are significantly reducing the risk of mission compromise due poor communication configurations. X-WiFi is the solutions for maximum security and privacy via wireless connections.

Prevent network vulnerabilities with X-WiFi