X-Storage is designed to match enterprise’s environments in any type of industry.

X-Systems understands that professionals can switch between devices, colleagues and customers (simultaneously) operating on various devices. For this reason X-Storage is compatible with other devices such as Personal Computers and Laptops.
X-Storage PC+ is an ultra-secure cross-platform application with an (256-bit AES) encryption, wich makes it also usable on Windows and Linux desktop computers and laptops. This makes X-Storage an unique application, available for X-Enterprise smartphones and tablets together with other electronical devices which are only accessible with the finest security, symmetric private keys and 256-bit AES encryption for ultimate modularity and integration within any enterprise.

X-Storage provides unparalleled modularity of secure storage for enterprises

developed for Mobile Devices • PC’s • Laptops


X-Storage is available in X-Storage Mobile and X-Storage PC+

X-Storage Mobile is fully integrated within a X-Enterprise device for maximum security, reducing the risk of mission compromise due data loss.

X-Storage PC+ is a secure application which can be installed on any (Windows or Linux) desktop PC and laptop, with similar functions as X-Storage Mobile for maximum communication, productivity and security.


The ultimate data protection & data encryption between Mobile, PC and Laptop

X-Storage from X-Enterprise

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