Security :
With the ever-increasing presence of applications and connectivity in our life’s, reliable electronic devices become an important factor during your surveillance. Collecting information, persons identification, viewing persons records can be of a very important issue for the ones who has to work with it for security reasons. Communication is a powerful task that need to run simultaneously, secure and smooth to keep it efficiently. Special for security officials who are responsible to ensure order and security for the people and the community. Sometimes fast connection even can be live saving in a case of emergency.

Security solutions :
Mobile surveillance, event security guards, guards, foresters, bodyguards, firemen, – while connected – , X-Systems rugged smartphones and tablets are your solution. Stay connected thanks to the ultra-fast and reliable mobile connectivity. By acting quickly and responding to situations difficulties can be prevented. Thanks to its great capabilities of the strong and sturdy waterproof, dustproof and drop-proof devices of X-Systems mobile accessibility is always there. Everthing under control. Taking care f the situation, protectin and helping people and maybe even saving lives.

X-Cam 2000 Security

• 2.0″ INCH
• 32GB SSD
• 1080p 22MP
• WiFI (Optional 4G)
• IP67/IPX7
• File encryption
• Infrared night vision


X-Tel 9000 Security

• 5.0″ INCH
• 16GB SSD
• 4G & WIFI
• IP68/IPX8
• Bluetooth 4.0
• 1.2GHz Quad-Core




• Specialised work
• Hazardous conditions
• Extreme terrains
• ID verification
• Data collection
• Analysis
• Situational analysis
• Ticketing and Documentation
• GIS and mapping
• Mobile field reporting
• Emergency communications
• Patient care records
• Critical situations
• Secure cloud data access
• Remote information access: medical, patient data and logistic data
• Personnel and fleet tracking
• Security
• Operations and logistics