Advanced Cameras: The X-Tel 9000 is outfitted with a 8.0 megapixel auto-focus super optic rear camera with flash. Capture or share remarkably easy your greatest outdoor adventure moments with the X-Tel. New technologies enable you to shoot brighter and clearer images and stream HD video calls by using the rear and front cameras. The advanced high definition 8.0 megapixel rear camera allows you can take amazing photos with every single frame. As the X-Tel 9000 is submersible up to two meters your able to make picture underwater while scuba diving or swimming in the pool.

The new innovative sensor with focus has an improved automatic stabilization, face- and surrounding detection. The X-Tel 9000 2.0 megapixel front-facing camera and 8.0 megapixel rear super optic camera give you the best results for capturing every outdoor moment. Capture the moments that mean the most to you and enjoy extraordinary high defination life-like colors and details. Capture in high definition quality even in the dark surrounding or use the built-in flash light for image optimisation.
The automatic-focus is ideally to enhance the photo before capturing, all you need to do is point, tap and shoot.
With this X-Tel you can capture plenty of photos and share them with family and friends.


24/7 Photos: With the X-Tel 9000 you can bring the night as you remember to your screen. The advanced camera is able to capture more lighting, in day as night. The innovative technologie absorbs up to 200% more light then a regular camera, giving you incredibly detailed photos even in the night. Finally there is a high defination camera that makes detailed low lighted photos which are more clearer then ever before. If you don’t sleep the camera is there for you, capture 24/7 unforgettable memories that mean the most to you, whenever and wherever it suit you.


Outstanding Selfies: The X-Tel 9000 has a powerful 2.0 megapixel front-facing camera with innovative technologie that absorbs more light, giving incredibly detailed selfies. The front-facing camera makes use of a wide-angle lens to capture a large view field, so all friends and family can get on every single shot. The latest technology converts your selfie snapshots into great portraits thanks to automatic and manual image improvement technology, designed to take all the effort out of that one perfect shot. Experience more with advanced selfie applications and accessories. These accessories and applications allow you to edit selfies by adding live makeup or taking Bluetooth photos with a remote.


Practical Video calls A 2.0 megapixel front-facing camera allows you to stream high definition video calls, Skype calls and video chats a little easier. With this X-Tel 9000 you can also use the rear-facing camera for video calls, if you would like to stream a bigger picture or let others enjoy the moment from your point of view.
From the tiny 2.0 megapixel camera on your X-Tel comes a impressive video calling experience. The window frame is full screen so you can enjoy your video call conversation without distractions and with picture-in-picture view, you can see how you look to the person you’re calling. From now on you can communicate with family and friends in real-life clarity and high definition. So gather around for a outdoor video call experience or jump in the pool while streaming you view.


Impressive Panoramic: Capture with the X-Tel 9000 impressive panoramic photos of your special moments. Impressive 180° x 360° views are a click a way with the standard camera application. You can easily shoot panorama photos from left to right. The simple tilt controls and levelling lines help you through making breathtaking photos of the entire view. There are no limitation, the X-Tel 9000 lets you shoot immersive street view-style 180° or 360° rotatable photos in high definition quality.


Organised Gallery: The X-Tel 9000 features a intuitive gallery that groups and organise your photos & videos automatically. You can locally store footage directly on the X-Tel or place them on a removable Micro SD card. It’s also possible to put all the photos and videos on a cloud-backup, ensuring you will never loose a special caputured moment. Gallery keeps your photos or videos just a few clicks away. The gallery is easy to access and offers the possibility to share your files on social media sites or by email.


Appreciated Tools: This phone is completely equipped with next generation photo tools. With these tools you can take bigger and brighter panoramic photos, breathtaking effects or remove blurry results with one single touch. Or what about straighten horizons, the X-Tel 9000 provides the ideal tool to crop all your pictures. If you choose to give your photos a more finished look, enhance the image by adjusting the right amount lighting or making a colors pop.
Next to the pre-installed photo tools there are over one hundred applications in Google Play for adjusting or editing photos.