Display: The X-Tel 9000 raises image quality, viewing experience and durability to a whole new level, some would even say it’s power is groundbreaking. The 5.0″ Quad-HD Hydro IPS display has an incredible range of lively colours and extremely high contrast to give you amazing high-resolution images. Quick action, splashing water, or skin cells become clearer. The X-Tel 9000 makes use of One lass Solution (OGS) touchscreen technology which reduces the thickness of display, by removing unnecessary layers out of the glass from the traditional capacitive touchscreen. The touch panel layer is directly underneath the Gorilla Glass. The benefits of a OGS interface includes smoother multi-touch responsive gestures such as zooming and scrolling. Experience the superlative graphic performance of the X-Tel 9000, it brings your content to life. With its high screen-to-body ratio and streamlined rugged design the X-Tel 9000 is a seriously large screen phone that easily fits into your hands and pocket. The large high-definition X-Tel screen and high amount of pixels per inch, makes colours brighter, details sharper and images life-like whether you’re reading, watching, or working.

The 5.0” Hydro display is completely waterproof and makes usage of IPS (In-plane switching) wide-angle technology, for clear and unmatched viewing experience from all angles. The large 5.0 Inch X-Tel 9000 Quad-HD Hydro IPS display is ideal for company presentation or sharing your pictures with surrounding people. Enjoy a bright and colourful view of the world with this impressive screen, the X-Tel 9000 gives you powerful high definition image performance without sacrificing mobility. This X-Tel has the perfect combination of screen proportion, natural high definition image quality and handheld mobility for seamless video playback, advanced gaming performance and smooth graphics. With this ultra-large high definition X-Tel screen you have the visual experience of a tablet and the convenience of a smartphone have been merged in one.


Responsive:The X-Tel 9000 5.0” Quad-HD Hydro IPS display makes use of an OGS (One Glass Solution) sensor on lens technology with 5 points multi touch-panel. The 5.0″ Quad-HD display is 3x more responsive than other regular intuitive finger and palm recognition touch-screens. This X-Tel makes use of a 5 points multi touch-panel

Smooth, fine lines and broader strokes all flow from your hand in a way you have never seen before on a waterproof phone. This display gives you a particularly pleasant feeling when using the screen for fast responsive applications. The super sensitive touch screen of the X-Tel 9000 responds stronger as any other regular phone with touchscreen, which enables you to work faster and more accurate. Because of this quick reaction this phone is particularly suitable for playing games, editing photo’s or other multi touch applications.


Gorilla Glass 2: The X-Tel 9000 has Corning Gorilla Glass class 2 to that’s designed to evolve with you, glass resistant to almost any adventure or work scenario. Gorilla Glass 2 one of the most toughest, damage resistant and scratch resistant glass on the market. Gorilla Glass is an environmentally friendly alkali-aluminosilcate thin sheet glass. The Gorilla Glass 2 is a artificially strengthened material, made by dipping glass into a molten salt bath of potassium nitrate. Potassium ions in the salt bath diffuse into the glass, creating a hardened compression layer on the surface this improves the glass glass toughness and durability. Gorrilla Glass 2 has a greater potassium absorption then the first generation and therefore stronger more durrbale glass.

The latest generation Gorilla Glass has up to 20 percent reduction in glass thickness and damage compared with the first generation Gorilla Glass. The thinner Gorilla Glass 2 enables the X-Tel 9000 to be slimmer, sleeker and more durable then other smartphone devices devices, it also offers brighter images, and greater touch sensitivity. Regular glass isn’t so tough resistant against scratches, actually scratches make the glass much more likely to break the next time it has a hard landing. Gorilla Glass 2 gives you optimal protection against scratches and breaks, less irritation and less cost for replacement. It also withstands greater compression than regualar glass which means you have to press or drop it harder to damage it.

Benefits of Gorilla Glass 2:
• Glass designed for a high degree of chemical strengthening
– High compression and Deep compression layer
• Up to two times tougher than regular glasses
• Survives up to 80 percent of the time
• High resistance to scratch damage
• Pristine surface quality
Properties of Gorilla Glass 2:
• Vickers Hardness (200 g load)
– Un-strengthened 625 kgf/mm2 and Strengthened 674 kgf/mm2
• Fracture Toughness 0.7 MPa m0.5
• Density 2 .44 g/cm3
• Young.s Modulus 71.7 GPa
• Coefficient of Expansion (0 ̊C – 300 ̊C) 84.5 x 10-7/ ̊C
• Compressive Stress Capable ≥800 MPa