Outdoor & Sporting:The X-Tel 9000 isn’t just a rugged smartphone it’s IP68; dust-proof, shock-proof, drop-proof, dirt-proof, freeze-proof, vibration-proof and extremely water-proof. With the fast A7 QuadCore processor, large 5.OInch screen and rugged housing it’s a extremely powerful Android smartphone. This X-Tel is up to two meters completely submersible, perfect for all outdoor moments.
The X-Tel is your dream as a motor rider, extreme sports fanatic, marine admirer or outdoor practitioner. The X-Tel 9000 is built for the toughest weather pressure, strongest environment conditions and lighting fast reaction.
X-Tel 9000 has a multi-touch capactive screen and also works with gloves or wet hands, which makes this a great rugged smartphone for tough outdoor and action sport activities. Wherever you think you might take the X-Tel 9000, it has the mapping and power to get you there.


Outdoor Activities: A smartphone built for you, to enjoy your outdoor activities. Excellent for backpacking, canoeing, canyoning, caving, climbing, hiking, hill walking, hunting, kayaking, and skiing and many more. This X-Tel 9000 is a true survivor which will guide you in your journey in to life. No matter if the phone is wet, freezing, dusty or full with dirt, there is absolutely nothing that will decrease it’s performance.
Built strong 4 inch – IP68 tough and robust waterproof and dustproof android phone for any outdoor and extreme sports activities. Including pre-installed navigation software such as: Compass, OpenSeaMap, OpenStreetMap, marine navigation and off-road topo maps. The Smartphone is based on Android software which allows you to enjoy over 1,000,000 apps from the Google Play store.

Fast Connection: In addition to default 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the X-Tel 9000 has Dual-SIM and NFC (Near Field Communication). These communication functions allow you to transfer and receive real-time data at any given time. The Dual-SIM allows you to switch effortless between two providers on one single X-Tel 9000. Specially made for abroad adventures travels or if you need separate numbers between local and international calls.

Whether indoor or outdoor, with in seconds you can send files miles away or within hand reach. With the latest innovative NFC technology you can connect directly with devices such as the X-Audio or another X-Tel 9000 without much effort. Simply hold the devices against each other and the connection is automatically established. You can use the NFC connection for sending or receiving files, sharing contacts, doing payments and much more. Connection that’s tailored to our outdoor adventures… make or receive real time call, video calls, send data or connect to the Internet. Everywhere, anywhere and under any circumstance.


Longer Lasting: The X-Tel 9000 has a powerful 3600mAh battery. A battery that last longer and packed for any outdoor or action sport adventure. Take your X-Tel phone with you on short travel or a weekend trip and charge it when your back home. This X-Tel smartphone has enough capacity for 20 days stand-by usage time! The battery has a specially designed cell structure which makes the battery immune to vibrations and it absorbs the shocks better, the battery has a battery life time due to the strong and tough cell structure. With the X-Tel 9000 and its 3600mAh battery you will be powered and connected for the whole trip.


Navigation System: The X-Tel 9000 a phone and yet a true navigation system. You have never seen so much pre-installed navigation applications as with this phone. Your adventure starts here and discover a new world, not only viral but also the realistic beauties of nature. Plan your journey for any terrain, the offroad trail and marine navigations enable you to navigate anywhere. If this isn’t enough for your travel then use one of the practical outdoor tools that are on the X-Tel.


Stay Social: Share your greatest outdoor moments directly with your family and friends. Use applications such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to post your moments or promote by Linkedin your companies latest progression. Advanced technical specifications enables you to surf the internet or chat secure and fast at lighting speed in any condition.


Connection for Action:With the X-Tel 9000 you have all adventure and outdoor functions of use with you. Doesn’t matter if your on a motorcycle, jetski, motorboat, hiking, backpacking or climbing journey the X-Tel 9000 android phablet smartphone will guide you. The 9000 rugged waterproof smartphone uses the next generation wireless technology, you can connect wirelessly for mission critical information at amazing speeds.
We used a strong militarily quality GPS receiver, B/G/N WiFi receiver, Dual-SIM input, lighting fast 3G connection and 8.0 megapixels camera with flashlight for optimal precise result. This X-Tel is a complete and professional outdoor and action sport smartphone. Connect with your friend during the adventure, shock- and scratch-resistant which protects you to more than a few bumps. The 2G text messages are digitally encrypted against any intruders, keeping you messages safe and personal.
The X-Tel 9000 is usable on any vehicle and vessel. This X-Tel is the rugged waterproof phone that is truly usable for any type of outdoor and sport activities.


Usage & Safety:This rugged phone is 100% designed for tough outdoor usage, its especially built for optimal result in outdoor and extreme environments. You can use the X-Tel 9000 for any type of work and no job is to hard.It doesn’t matter if it’s wet, cold, dusty or dirty, it will not compromise the X-Tel 9000 performance. Whether your on a mountain, building site, open waters, motorcycle or bike the X-Tel 9000 is your best friend protecting your mobile & safety needs.

You don’t need a separate outdoor and action tools anymore. The X-Tel 9000 has it all… pre-installed navigation and outdoor tools software such as: Survival Guide, Compass, OpenSeaMap, OpenStreetMap, marine navigation and off-road topo maps. The Smartphone is based on Android software which allows you to enjoy over 1,000,000 apps from the Google Play store.
With the X-Tel 9000 you have all adventure and outdoor functions of use with you. Doesn’t matter if your on a motorcycle, jetski, motorboat, hiking, backpacking or climbing journey the X-Tel 9000 android phablet smartphone will protect you.

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Experience Android: Get things done and entertain yourself anywhere, everywhere and under any condition. Switch easily and quickly between editing photos, browsing the web, messaging, watching movies, listening to music and calling.
The X-Tel 9000 has pre-installed outdoor apps and enables you to choose from over 1.3 million apps on Google Play.
Access limitless applications with impressive functions. Applications for your private and business purpose, the X-Tel supports them all. Use the build-in functions of the X-Tel with out much effort. So for sample you are able to check the barometer or temperature or what about the GPS tracker ideal for health or sport applications. The X-Tel 9000 has also all the application programs for you to navigate on-road, off-road as nautical.


Wireless Payments:Make easy wireless payments at a store with your X-Tel 9000, the phone you carry anywhere and under any condition. With the Google wallet applications you can transfer the amount with in seconds, easy and safe. Its also possible to redraw money from a ATM by using your X-Tel 9000. With NFC we make the world smart and easy accessible!
Currently the Google wallet is only available in the United States, other countries or territories will follow soon.


Travel Charger Web store exclusive option! The X-Tel 9000 is all about outdoor adventure travel. A good travel charger can make all the difference on a road trip. A charger that is as easy to carry and has all the adaptors for any power output. That’s why X-Tel 9000 has optional the necessary charger travel charge in our web store. So no problem at all; where you go you have the right travel charger for your X-Tel 9000 smartphone, all in one set.

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