Advanced Communications: In addition to default 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the X-Tel 9000 has Dual-SIM and NFC (Near Field Communication). These communication functions allow you to transfer and receive real-time data at any given time. The Dual-SIM allows you to switch effortless between two providers on one single X-Tel 9000 with Dual-SIM function. Specially made for abroad journeys or if you need separate numbers between work and private calls.

Whether indoor or outdoor, with in seconds you can send files miles away or within hand reach. With the latest innovative NFC technology you can connect directly with devices such as the X-Audio or another X-Tel 9000 without much effort. Simply hold the devices against each other and the connection is automatically established. You can use the NFC connection for sending or receiving files, sharing contacts and doing payments. This X-Tel brings endless possibilities… it is possible to make a real time connection to the Internet, send data and make calls, everywhere, anywhere and under any circumstance.


Data Usage:As limited data plans are common and as carriers make their most income charging excessive overage fees or throttle your data once you hit your plan’s usage limit. The X-Tel 9000 has a standard data usage tracker installed within the settings. In this way you can check properly per SIM CARD (as all X-Systems smartphones come with Dual Sim) the data usage daily. This will save you a lot within your own country and even more when traveling to other countries. Once again, the X-Systems is a Life Proof smartphone which helps you in all cases where possible.


Noise Interruptions: The X-Tel 9000 has a built-in noise-cancelling technology within its microphone and speaker, with this X-Tel smartphone you always have a clear conversation. The noise reduction cancellation technology produces a clean and clear center focus on the voice to maintain an optimal sound quality during any conversation. A practical function for calling communications in crowded areas or on a construction site, from now on there is only high definition sound transmitted.

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Experience Andriod: Get things done and entertain yourself anywhere, everywhere and under any condition. Switch easily and quickly between editing documents, browsing the web, messaging, watching movies, listening to music and calling.
The X-Tel 9000 has pre-installed outdoor apps and enables you to choose from over 1.3 million apps on Google Play.
Access limitless applications with impressive functions. Applications for your private and business purpose, the X-Tel supports them all. Use the build-in functions of the X-Tel with out much effort. So for sample you are able to check the mails or Whatsapp messages or what about the NFC reader ideal for inventory or payment applications. Would you like to use the X-Tel more professional then take the camera and with the right applications it can even function as RFID, barcode reader or POS (point of sales) system.


Permissions: For businesses and enterprises X-Systems provides an open firmware to its clients so the administrators can set privelege-separated permissions and restrictions to certain playstore app’s, applications and file access functions. Also for user identities application signatures can be set up. Does your business or enterprise is interested in such a solution X-Systems technical team is available to support you in any security matter.


Google Voice command: Search easy and fast with voice command. Ask any question or give commands to Android Google voice command. Just say “Ok, Google what’s the weather for tomorrow” to receive directly the latest weather forecast information in your region or say “Ok, Google how is the stock exchange doing” and within a few seconds you got the stock overview. Its practical and user-friendly! Communicate with your X-Tel 9000 by Google Voice, companions for any adventure.


Stream Wireless: Stream your business presentation and videos wireless directly from your X-Tel 9000 to compatible home stereo devices and Google Chromecast. The X-Tel 9000 allows you to connect with to different devices at the same time, such as Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speaker, compatible home stereo or Chromecast device. Create a ultimate business presentation, show your videos to the entire room or stream any screen image or application by mirror casting function. You can mirror cast your screen to the television, what you see on the small screen will be on the big screen. While casting to the television, you’re free to use your X-Tel for other things.


Blocklist: Protect your your self against spam calls. There might be, for various reasons, a need to block unwanted calls on your X-Tel 9000. Within the Settings to My Device to Blocking Mode there are the functions to block incoming phone calls. Also there is a possibility to only disable incoming calls and, or notifications in certain time periods. There are some applications which may work on X-Systems devices which forward certain numbers directly to voicemail. This means they won?t totally block your calls. In this case, you?ll need to take a different route.


Anti-Virus: As X-Tel 9000 is using the Android software it uses also the secure internal security, however we believe an extra anti-virus is always preferred for protection. Via its playstore the X-Tel 9000 and any other X-Systems smartphone and tablet device can be secured with extended anti-virus, monitoring vulnerability and protection security solutions via various applications. Without any troubles extra protection for anti-virus and security can be installed on the X-Tel 9000.


Find your X-Tel: A fantastic feature if an X-Tel got lost. To find the X-Tel via X-Tel’s Android Device Manager it’s possible to find the X-Tel’s approximate location on a map when it was last used. The moment this device manager finds an X-Tel client receives a notification. Once the X-Tel is android software account is created via a Gmail address the Find Your X-Tel android device can be turned on, once it’s turned on the X-Tel can be found anywhere on the world when it has mobile data or WIFI connection. Again the X-Tel 9000 is providing a Life Proof solution to its devices.


Highest Protection: Protect your precious X-Tel and sensitive business or private data with the best protection available on the market. The X-Tel can have a sim lock and different types of screen locks, your able to set a pin, password or even a face recognition ID which enables you to enter the phone with the use of the built-in camera’s. Your phone X-Tel can also be encrypted this requires a extra verification with every start-up. The phone can also support all kind of anti-virus and internet protection applications that are offered on Google Play. Intruders will stand no chance when your phone it lost, this protection will keep them outside. While your phone is stolen or lost you can delete all data and view its location directly.

Encrypt the phone
Face recognition lock
Direct access to cloud-backup


Secure VPN: X-Systems has developed together with a partner one of the most sophisticated secure VPN connections, this connections is fully encrypted. The X-Systems encrypted VPN connection allows you to communicate with colleagues or friends without the possibility others will read or listen to your messages.

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NFC Reader:Because of this new innovative technology NFC, you can directly connect to the other X-Tel, X-Audio and other NFC devices. Just by holding the devics against eachother you can send data immediately. Very easy to send documents, audio, share contact and even to do payments. How easy it is. Next to this awsome function of NFC


Travel Charger Web store exclusive option! A good travel charger can make all the difference on a business trip. A charger that is as easy to carry and has all the adaptors for any power output. That’s why X-Tel 9000 has as option the necessary charger travel charge in our web store. So no problem at all; where you go you have the right travel charger for your X-Tel 9000 smartphone, all in one set. Achieve more business with the X-Tel 9000 even abroad.

• EU adaptor
• UK adaptor
• US adaptor
• AU adaptor