X-Tel 9900 by X-Enterprise @ WORLD MOBILE CONGRESS

X-Tel 9900 by X-Enterprise @ WORLD MOBILE CONGRESS

X-TREME ENCRYPTED SMARTPHONE: Secure messaging from end-to-end.
Recent studies show that 70% of business owners are concerned about sensitive information being leaked and fall into the wrong hands. These concerns are not unfounded because there can be a significant financial impact from data such as customer lists, engineering information and financial statements. Economic loss is a serious potential consequence of data leakage.

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The X-Enterprise 9900 with its elegant and inconspicuous design provides the safest possible way of communication available. Whether you’re looking for secure calls or safe data transfer and storage, this is the phone you should get excited about.“Established in 2016″ X-Enterprise 9900 enables employers to protect confidential data.

Equipped with the latest 64-bit Octa-Core 4G LTE processor, 3 gigabit RAM, micro SD card up to 64 gigabytes, large 5.0-inch display, Dual-Sim function and quick fingerprint access, the X-Enterprise 9900 is encrypted with an 256-bit AES, making this device one of the most secure smartphones ever build.

Encrypted Android SmartPhone. X-Enterprise OS where private stays private: X-Enterprise 9900 is made for secure conversations, safe date storage and protected data transfer from end-to-end. Due to 256-bit (AES) encryption X-Enterprise guarantees that private conversations stay private. X-Enterprise’s 9900 security technology is relying on the “X-Enterprise OS” operating system, which is an encrypted, enhanced Android interface. In addition X-Enterprise uses secure mobile software applications that are developed from the ground to prevent data leaks.

X-Crypt is the secure partition within X-Enterprise OS to make your mobile phone even more protected against unwanted data breaches. X-Crypt gives users access to a secure compartment where X-Enterprise applications are located. And there is more, X-Crypt will disable all standard Android applications so you’ll reach the ultimate protection level. Enjoy guaranteed security!  How do they reach secure communications? The X-Enterprise 9900 comes standard with a secure communication application called X-Communication. This software automatically operates via
X-Enterprise’s private cloud-servers in Switzerland. X-Communication provides the following encrypted solutions; X-Communication, secure Messaging and X-Communication secure Mobile VoIP.

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X-Mods that can be applied to X-Tel 9900;
*Self-destruction hardware components
*Disable front and/or rear camera
*Disable microphone and/or speakers
*Disable GPS and/or Wi-Fi components

*Disable sim-cards and/or USB ports.
 As icing on the cake X Systems  provides X-Storage Mobile and the X-Storage + 

Like we all need our shoes to get out of the house, eventually every enterprise needs X-Storage to send files out in the open without unwanted data leaks as a consequence.

X-Storage Mobile is a multi-secure application also with an (256-bit AES) encryption making it inaccessible for outsiders. Developed in order to store important data, encrypt it and export or share it with other users. Note that it is more than a secure mobile layer; it is a secure protection for all your data and files.






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